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Attack range and effect of anti-drone jamming equipment

How to deal with drones has now become a common problem in the national defense field. Due to the large number of models, the huge difference in cost, and the ability to fight in swarms, the traditional air defense methods used to deal with manned fighters have completely failed.

What are the advantages of the management system of the mobile phone signal jammer?

The mobile phone signal jammer system software is adjusted and managed according to a set of mobile phone software for the main control chip. The manager can clearly see the blocking situation in the monitoring area through the departmental frame diagram (equivalent to the online map of the enterprise) on the main control chip app.

Drone countermeasure equipment test shot down 10 drones

Now, we are ready to take off, this is the remote control of ten drones, and then there are ten planes in front, we are now ready to take off, take off the first, second, third, fourth, fifth Taiwan, the sixth station.... Now all ten of our aircraft have taken off, and this drone jammer device can interfere with 5.8G2.4G1.5g. We started aiming at the drone and turned it all on.

Precautions for production and debugging of multi-band signal jammers

Compared with signal jammers ten years ago, especially for the types of mobile phone signals, there are not as many mobile phone standards as now. At that time, there were only two standards for mobile phone signals, 2G and 3G, and the mobile phone frequency bands used.

How to analyze the source of the missing signal of the mobile phone signal jammer?

During the installation and commissioning of the cell phone signal blocker, are all cell phone signals on site completely blocked? What is the effective range of the shielded signal coverage? These problems are all problems that engineers need to focus on and analyze during construction.

How much range can a suitcase-style signal jammer cover?

When some customers ask us about the signal jammer instrument, they will put forward the following requirements according to the needs of the application scenario: the product needs to be portable, preferably in the style of a suitcase, can be turned on at any time, can be used at any time, and can use the built-in battery powered without the need for an external AC power source.

Anti-drone technical means

By cutting off the UAV's remote control signal, data transmission, and image transmission signal (mainly 2.4G/5.8G for civil aircraft), the UAV will enter a self-protection state after signal loss, reaching The purpose of the forced landing or expulsion of the drone.

Radio cracking protocol of drone countermeasure technology

This technology is one of the advanced technologies in the field of UAV jammers at home and abroad. By cracking the UAV signal communication protocol, imitating the remote controller to send control signals to the UAV without affecting the normal operation of other equipment.

Why the actual working range of jammers is different

Here we are going to talk about the scope of work of Jammer, which is one of the most controversial issues in the field of equipment on the internet and is the concern of most of the customers.

Choose the jammers according to specification

Have you thought of buying a jammer but don't you get it? Most people have heard about cell phone jammer, know its function but not deep understanding, and even don't understand the specifications of jammer, and don't know how to choose a good jammer. Now we need to explain the specifications of the jammer so that you can know better.

About the frequency of GPS jammers

The main purpose of GPS jammers is to block GPS tracking devices. About how it works, we are told in the article "What is a jammer". If you are concerned that someone is tracking you, you may need a GPS jammer to prevent others from using the GPS tracker to track you.

What is the function of 4G 5G mobile phone signal jammer?

With the full popularization of 4G technology, the mobile phones we use at present, whether it is China Mobile, China Unicom or Telecom, generally use 4G mobile phone signals. In addition to the elderly phones that use 2G and 3G, the market has basically been occupied by 4G mobile phones.

How much is an outdoor cell phone signal jammer?

There are many types of outdoor mobile phone signal jammers on the market now, and some customers do not know how to choose when buying a mobile phone signal jammer. Let me tell you about the market price of cell phone signal jammers. Users should choose a shield that suits them according to their usage scenarios and budget.

The material is electrically conductive and shields against electromagnetic radiation

The conductive sponge made by this method not only has excellent conductivity, but also can shield electromagnetic waves. What are the characteristics of this material and its purchase requirements?

What is the type of electromagnetic shielding of conductors?

According to the shielding principle, electromagnetic shielding can be divided into electric field shielding, magnetic field shielding and electromagnetic shielding.

What is this electromagnetic shielding material, conductive sponge?

Conductive sponge is an electronic material widely used in the electronic industry. For some people who are not familiar with the electronics industry, this material should be unfamiliar! Let me introduce to you in detail today, what does it do? What are its main application areas?

In addition to using mobile phone shielding cabinets, what else should we pay attention to to prevent information leakage?

In the era of mobile Internet, the number of people using smartphones is increasing. While it brings great convenience to our work and life, its security and confidentiality issues are also becoming increasingly prominent. It is imperative to recognize its security and confidentiality threats and take measures to prevent smartphone leaks.

You deserve to have a mobile phone shielding cabinet in the information age

The mobile phone shielding cabinet adopts the split combination type, the structure design is reasonable, the drawers are independent of each other, and they are all locked and managed independently. It can meet the needs of some government agencies, schools and other places, and conduct centralized management of mobile phones.

What is the material of the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet?

In order to ensure the shielding effect of the mobile phone shielding cabinet, the selection of its materials will be more cautious. Generally, the materials of the mobile phone shielding cabinet are obviously different from those of the ordinary cabinet. Special processing to achieve better shielding effect by processing it.

Mobile phone shielding cabinets can meet the shielding needs of different fields

The design of the mobile phone jammer is very strict and the structure is relatively strict. It is electroplated and made of high temperature baking paint. It has good corrosion resistance and radiation protection performance.

Mobile phone shielding cabinet effectively reduces the risk of information leakage

In the Internet age, the development of information networks is getting faster and faster, but the information age is accompanied by information security issues. Preventing information from being leaked and monitored has become a problem that needs to be solved now.

Mobile phone shielding cabinet realizes safe and efficient shielding

When it comes to shielding equipment, everyone is familiar with it, especially for some government units, government departments, etc. to use it to keep information confidential. Among many shielding equipment, mobile phone shielding cabinets are used more often, and its use brings convenience to our lives.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of matching directional antennas for vehicle wireless signal jammers

According to the conventional recommendations of our manufacturers, omnidirectional antennas are usually used as the standard configuration of vehicle-mounted high-power wireless signal jammers. The directional antenna is only one of the alternative configurations.

Are the antenna lengths of the signal jammers all the same?

As one of the most important components of the signal jammer, the antenna is the most common for every customer who comes into contact with this product. The most common one is the cylindrical omnidirectional antenna.

How to choose a mobile phone signal shielding cabinet on major occasions

At this time, the mobile phone needs to be stored. The use of cell phone signal jammers can solve this problem very well. It can realize centralized management of mobile phones, and can also protect mobile phones from being lost.

Construction of Anti-UAV Radio Active Defense System

The development and illegal abuse of drone technology have brought security risks and threats to important targets such as airports, prisons, troops, and nuclear power plants, such as the abuse of small drones, illegal intrusions, and terrorist attacks. UAVs belong to the category of "low, small and slow" targets.

Handheld drone detection and attack integrated jamming gun

The handheld drone detection and shooting gun is an upgraded and enhanced version of the drone jamming gun. The device should have the function of drone signal detection, and at the same time, it can transmit wireless jamming signals to make the drone hover, return or land in place.

How effective is the drone jammer for DJI Mavic 3 (Royal 3)?

DJI's DJI Mavic 3 (Yu 3) drone has been on the market for some time. Recently, a customer reported a problem when communicating with us: the previously purchased and installed drone jammer is not suitable for this new type of large-scale drone.

How is the mobile phone shielding device that does not interfere with the base station realized?

The widespread use of cell phone jammers will cause certain interference to the base stations of communication operators. This is a reality that is generally recognized in the industry. If it is a low-power mobile phone shielding device, due to its relatively small transmission power, it will interfere with the signal.

Why are high-power models less commonly used in mobile phone signal shielding instruments in the examination room?

This question is: just want to Purchasing one or two high-power cell phone signal jammers in the examination room can cover the shielding signal to all examination rooms in the school. Customers think that it will be easy to install and operate due to the small number of devices, so is this really the case?

In addition to being fast, what does 5G do?

130 5G mobile phones have been approved for online sales, the number of terminal connections has exceeded 36 million, and more than 10,000 5G communication base stations are newly added every week. The industry chain came up with the latest released score sheet.

How to arrange drone countermeasures in city center buildings

Two multi-mode countermeasure guns are arranged on the roof of the building, which can complete the automatic integrated drone jammers in the whole airspace. Counter-guns can also be carried by inspectors or defenders, receive detection and guidance information in real time, and interfere with drones manually.

The meaning of 4G terms VoLTE, CSFB, SGLTE

Answer: The full name of VoLTE is Voice over LTE (LTE call). It is an IP data transmission technology that does not require 2G/3G network. All services are carried on the 4G network, which can realize the unification of data and voice services under the same network.

The U.S. Air Force sets out to create a simulated spectrum warfare battlefield

Spectrum warfare combines electronic warfare, network warfare, optoelectronic countermeasures and other technologies that can sense the environment, communicate, navigate, and target targeting. Among them, electronic warfare is the most famous.

Are signal jammers dangerous?

The common cell phone signal jammers on the market have the following frequencies: 869~894MHz; 825~960MHz; 1805~1880MHz and 1900~1990MHz, etc. The working frequency bands are CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900. It can control the range of about 40 meters in diameter, using DC-DC converter input voltage, 5V output voltage.

Can the car wireless signal jammer realize long-distance wireless remote control?

After the high-power wireless signal jammer is modified and assembled by the vehicle, it becomes a set of vehicle-mounted special equipment that can be quickly transferred, deployed and used with the vehicle as the transport carrier.

Why do the control systems of mobile phone jammers mostly adopt the transmission method of wired connection?

At present, in the control system of the current common mobile phone shielding device, the networking mode of multiple shielding devices is almost all connected through wired connection. Multi-core cable for serial protocol networking.

The importance of spectrum analyzer for the installation and debugging of mobile phone signal jammer

If it is in a normal use environment, it is not complicated to install and debug the mobile phone signal blocker. Generally, you only need to turn on the host switch after powering on the device, and use the mobile phone to observe the working status of the mobile phone at different positions from the shielding device, which can be very intuitive.

What equipment is needed for the construction survey of the mobile phone signal shielding system project?

Some agents and dealers who undertake construction or plan to plan mobile phone signal shielding systems often need to conduct project site surveys at the beginning of the project. If they do not have sufficient experience in such similar projects, they will consult our manufacturers.

UAV low-altitude position defense system

The system adopts the CRPC radio protocol analysis technology, which can parse the UAV flight control signaling, accurately warn the UAV signal characteristics, and has the advantages of no false alarms and no false alarms, ensuring the anti-terrorism guarantee work. , cannot draw lessons from the "rigorousness", has obvious advantages compared to radar and spectrum.

GPS scrambler - take back control of your privacy!

If you use a GPS tracker and want to protect your privacy, it's time to learn about GPS scramblers. A GPS scrambler is a device that blocks all signals from nearby tracking devices. They are commonly used by companies that want to hide the location of their employees from stalkers or other potential threats. But there are many other uses for these devices too!

Signal jammer GPS jammer packets jam GPS at 15 feet

One of the most powerful devices on the market, the Jammershop GPS Jammer is capable of jamming GPS, cell phone signals, and other frequencies within a range of up to 15 feet. It is user friendly and easy to install. It's affordable.

Jammer 10 easy ways to block wireless signals

A cell phone jammer, also known as a cell phone signal blocker or cell phone signal jamming device, is simply a radio frequency transmitter that is designed to block wireless signals. It can be used to block any type of wireless signal, but they are most commonly used to block cell phones from connecting to the cellular network.

How to block an annoying neighbor's wifi signal

What you need is a device that emits a signal jammer or WiFi blocker. This type of device needs to be strong enough to block the signal, and if it's not close enough to the source, it won't work properly. Ideally, you want it within range of your neighbor's router or modem.

Top 10 wireless blocking devices - block your wifi in minutes

Wireless jamming devices are tools that help block your Wi-Fi and any other wireless signal. You can buy them online or in stores, depending on the type of jammer you want to buy. There are several types of jammers: portable Wi-Fi signal jammers, mobile signal jammers and Wi-Fi repeaters/amplifiers.

5 Options That Prevent Others From Using Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

Airplane mode prevents wireless devices from connecting to cellular networks or Wi-Fi. This means anyone trying to use your hotspot won't be able to connect. If you turn airplane mode on and then turn it off again, the access point will come back online.

What wireless jammer blocking technology is there?

GPS jammers are used to block any GPS signal from reaching a device, making it impossible for that device to track its location. If a WiFi jammer is used in the same way, it can block all data transmitted between devices on a wireless network.

What is the difference between 5G network and 4G network?

The rapid development of science and technology makes everyone usher in a brand new 5G network technology today. Regarding the 5G network technology, it is very likely that everyone does not understand what a 5G network is. Will these 5G networks affect us? What is the difference between 4G and the 4G displayed on our mobile phones?

Can the car signal shielding device install the antenna in the car?

First of all, from the most favorable point of view, if the main unit of the signal shielding device, the RF connection feeder, and multiple antennas are all installed inside the compartment, then, from the outside of the vehicle, others are completely installed inside the vehicle. What kind of equipment is used, and it is completely unaware of what shielding effect this car has. Concealed installation and the effect is very obvious!

Do conventional cell phone signal jammers have blacklist and whitelist functions?

When a mobile phone user enters the coverage area of ​​the shielded signal, for different mobile phone numbers, the shielded signal is not targeted, and there is no analysis or analysis function, so the shielding effect of different mobile phone numbers is to carry out the signal indiscriminately.

Can the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet solve the problem of mobile phone leakage?

When we need to communicate in some special places, it is usually not allowed to bring any communication equipment, and unified and centralized management will be carried out. At this time, we need to use a cell phone signal jammer, which can not only ensure the safety of mobile phones, but not Loss or omission, etc., can also shield the signal, and will not cause information leakage.

Is it effective to install low-power mobile phone jammers outdoors?

The third gear is the high-power type, which means that the transmit power of the shielding module reaches 50W or even 100W. Different application environments can correspond to cell phone signal jammers of different power levels. Then some customers asked, is it effective to install low-power mobile phone jammers outdoors?

How to make it have a signal where there is no mobile phone signal to ensure normal calls and Internet access

In addition to the establishment of communication towers by operators, the mobile phone communication problem can be solved by installing mobile phone signal amplifiers, wireless repeaters and digital fiber repeaters if there is no mobile phone signal.

The importance of fast heat dissipation for full-band signal jammers

One of the more important tasks in the layout of the test room is to install a full-band signal blocker to block the mobile phone signal in the test room, prevent cheating through mobile phones in the test, and ensure the fairness of the test room.

Is it necessary to conduct a field test before installing a signal jammer?

Before installing a full-band signal jammer, you need to know the size of the area to be shielded. For example, conference rooms are generally divided into three types: small conference rooms, medium-sized conference rooms, and large conference rooms.

Can a mobile phone blocked by a full-band shielding device be cracked?

In some special occasions, the use of mobile phones is restricted. The most common method is to install a full-band shielding device on site to block mobile phone signals. However, there are always people who think about how to crack and make their mobile phones work normally.

Soldiers use jammers in training

Washington State's Yakima Training Center - Soldiers from the 1-2 Straker Brigade Breakthrough Team learned about the risk of enemy interference during degraded environment classes held in Washington, D.C. Siansma Training Center from November 5 to 7.

Can jammers cope with the threat of remote control bombs

I recently watched a video on Youtube showing an amazing jumping robot from Boston Dynamics. At first I thought, "Wow! That's cool!" But then I started to think it might be a dangerous use. Can I use a cell phone jammer to take protective measures just in case?

What is the principle of mobile phone signal jammer? Why can the signal be blocked?

Cell phone signal jammer generally block the connection between the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phone and the signal base station. Interrupted communication between the mobile phone and the signal base station.

Affect the effect of mobile phone signal jammer Not only macro base stations, but also micro base stations, pico base stations, etc.

After installing and using the cell phone signal jammer, many customers will find that the mobile phone shielding effect is not ideal. When analyzing the reason, the distance of the base station near the site is a very concerned factor.

Advantages of Modular Combination of Cell Phone Jammers

The shielding equipment of the Shengma brand produced by our Nanjing Baikang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has also undergone numerous R&D, expansion and functional iterations. Among them, the way of modular assembly and combination of mobile phone jammer has been favored and recognized by customers more and more.

Handheld jammers are not easy for others to detect

You can even use an app on the Appstore. You can also use Livestream website to control things on the internet, but it is also easy for others to control and monitor. We can use Cell Phone Jammer to keep them ignorant.

GSM jammer resists dangerous factors

Google Nexus 4 is a perfect smartphone at the best price. Any modern smartphone can beat it in terms of price / quality ratio. Its only weakness is that it does not support 4G. It is compatible with the 3G HSPA+ standard and supports 2G.

GSM signal jammer blocking type is the most extensive

Dojammer recommends that you try to determine the type of GSM signal jammer and try changing to other frequencies. You should know that simple GSM blockers are the most used, but if you switch to 3G or even 4G, they will not affect you.

What are the difficulties in installing mobile phone blocking systems in prisons and detention centers?

Prisons, detention centers, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, etc., as places of detention for prisoners, strengthen internal management by installing mobile phone shielding systems to prevent prisoners from illegally using mobile phones to communicate with the outside world without permission.

How to choose a mobile phone signal blocker in the school examination room?

We choose the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room from the function. Before 2020, in our fourth-generation communication period, we can use the mobile phone jammer for different centers.

433 And 868Mhz Jammers Solve Device Problems

Mobile phone jammer only shields the frequency band used by the mobile phone and does not affect the normal use of other electronic devices unless you also choose to shield their functions.

Putting 2 mobile phone signal jammers together and turning on at the same time, can the effect be doubled?

When customers use cell phone signal jammers, they sometimes find that in some larger rooms, only one shielding device is not enough to cover all the shielding signals.

Radio communication protocol cracking technology for drone countermeasures

The control signals used by the UAV jammer system are mostly in the conventional civilian frequency bands such as 2.4 GHZ and 5.8 GHz. With the rapid development of open source hardware and the popularity of software radio technology, the technology for cracking the UAV radio communication protocol has gradually developed.

Application scenarios and advantages of handheld drone jamming equipment?

There are many forms of drone jamming equipment, some are fixed on the roof of buildings, some are installed on street light poles or iron towers, and some are installed on vehicles that can be quickly transferred and used on the road. Of course, there is no shortage of them.

What application scenarios should be avoided when using a wireless signal jammer?

On the whole, the use of wireless signal jammer in these units or places belongs to the category of legal compliance, but there are also some places that are not suitable for use. So, what application scenarios should be avoided when using wireless signal shielding devices?

Does the test room jammer have any effect after passing through the wall?

Every junior high school and high school will face the middle school entrance examination or the most important test. Many schools are actively preparing for the things needed in the test room.

The effect of gps jammer on drone flight

In the air, even higher. When something goes wrong, the consequences are always worse than they actually are. One of the biggest threats to drone safety is GPS jamming. At the very least, interruptions in satellite signals reduce positioning quality.

GPS jammers interfere with road pricing

GPS navigation and GPS jammers are locked together like a symbiotic relationship, and the number of devices using GPS technology on the road has grown, along with the number and variety of jamming devices trying to prevent their operation.

What is the function of cell phone signal jammer?

The principle function of the mobile phone signal jammer Now our mobile phone communicates with the base station through the uplink frequency, and then transfers the signal to the mobile service switching center to realize the call. In the standby state, the mobile phone communicates with the base station through the broadcast control channel.

How does the wireless intercom system work?

We all know that the wireless intercom system is widely used in our daily life. It has the characteristics of flexibility, easy operation, fast voice transmission, and economical use. It is the basic means to realize production scheduling automation and management modernization. What is the principle of wireless intercom system?

Is it possible to miniaturize high-power signal jammers?

When implementing a signal shielding project in an outdoor open area, it is necessary to select a high-power signal jammer to achieve a relatively ideal signal coverage effect. However, when the customer installs a high-power signal jammer, he feels the appearance and size of the host and antenna of the shielding device.

Product Specifications of Portable Drone Counter Gun

Drone jammer by interfering with the data link and positioning system of the UAV, cutting off the communication and navigation between the UAV and the remote control, forcing the UAV to automatically land or drive the UAV to ensure the safety of low-altitude space.

Cell phone signal in some areas may be affected by blocking devices

Although affected by the epidemic, this year's college entrance examination was postponed to July 7-8, but the corresponding measures have not been reduced at all to ensure the security of information in the examination room.

The principle of wireless signal jammer

Then according to the above working principle, we can conclude that the 4g wireless signal jammer is generally composed of power supply, electronic scanning control unit, segmented radio frequency module unit, amplifier unit, transmitting antenna unit and other parts.

By 2023, the penetration rate of 5G personal users in my country will exceed 40%

According to the action plan, by 2023, the development level of 5G applications in my country will be significantly improved, the comprehensive strength will continue to increase, and breakthroughs in the depth and breadth of 5G applications in key areas will be achieved.

5G signal jammer: China Mobile and Telecom's 5G network frequency band!

China Mobile builds a 5G network independently, while China Telecom does not build a 5G network alone, but builds a 5G network jointly with China Unicom, which means that in some cities, China Telecom's 5G network actually uses China Unicom Yes, this kind of cross-operator sharing and co-construction of the network.

The 5G pattern has changed: Mobile brings a new frequency band of radio and television 5G!

From the current 5G network construction in my country, the latest news is that the number of 5G base stations built has reached 847,000, and the number of China Mobile can be higher than the number of China Telecom + China Unicom, which is also the same.

College candidates may pass questions due to 5G signal shielding loopholes

It is a well-known iron law that mobile phones cannot be brought into the examination room; but according to common sense, cell phone signal jammers are generally installed in the examination room, and even a mobile phone brought in by chance is a "brick".

Can the power supply of the mobile phone signal shielding system be changed from AC to DC?

As the construction unit of the project contractor, the power supply for the entire mobile phone signal shielding system is AC or It is DC that there are doubts and disagreements, and here we provide explanations and explanations on this issue.

Functions and Characteristics of Fixed Anti-UAV Active Defense System

The fixed UAV jammer system can meet the low-altitude defense needs of prisons, army camps, examination rooms, government agencies, financial institutions, embassies, industrial plants, production workshops, gas stations, gas stations and other areas.

Wireless intercom system operation method and precautions for use

Every year after the college entrance examination, Tsinghua University and Peking University will almost stage a "snatch battle". These two colleges look serious and have a feeling of "out of reach", but when they grab people, they will lower their stature and make people feel Can't help laughing.

Apologizing for cell phone jammers - claiming that it is harmful to health has no basis

The Ministry of Education also stated that although the Ministry of Education has no mandatory requirements for the use of mobile phone jammers in examination rooms, mobile phone jammers are currently the best means to effectively prevent large-scale cheating. A further guideline on the use of this instrument will be issued in the near future.

What are the small signal jammers?

What we generally call a small signal jammer refers to a signal jammer that acts in a small area, such as conference rooms, opera halls, and recording studios. it is good.

Wireless intercom system operation method and precautions for use

During the use of the wireless intercom system, when the received and received signals are not clear, the station holder can change his position. High temperature, humidity, flammable gas and other environments should be avoided. The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant content.

High Frequency Jammer Price Shields Communication Signals

With the commercialization of 5G frequencies and the gradual popularization of 5G mobile phone networks, wireless security control needs to keep pace, and mobile phone signal jammers need to be upgraded.

Signal jammers have been around for many years and have developed extremely powerful functions

In order to detect the local network through the latest mobile phone jammers, wireless routers are used as wireless routers to prevent wireless routers from working and improve the local area network (LAN) detection wireless router in the new version of internet.

Designers use different materials to design jammers

All electrical and electronic equipment will have intermittent or continuous voltage and current changes during operation. Sometimes the speed of change is still very fast. This causes electromagnetic energy to be generated between different frequencies or frequency bands, and the corresponding circuits emit this energy. In the surrounding area.

The interference range of the jammer depends on the signal capacity

We use cell phones every day. Mobile phones have become a part of our lives today. When we go to the supermarket, we pay the bill with our mobile phone. When we go to tourist attractions, we use cell phones to take photos.

Where does our confidence in jammers come from?

The first type of cell phone blocker was widely used. They are electronic noise generators that cause radio interference and prevent cell phones from communicating with their base stations. Depending on the performance of the cell phone jammer and the current cell phone model, the signal shielding radius can be between 1-5 and 50-60 meters.

The United States and Europe have begun to legalize the use of jammers

Although many Russian cinemas and even some movie theaters already use cell phone jammers, in fact the use of jammers is still illegal. However, this does not prevent cinema owners from buying cell phone blockers online, installing them and protecting their visitors from the nightly impression of cultural institutions being destroyed by other people's phones.

Mobile Jammers are Very Popular in Noisy Environments

Whether you want to avoid the disturbance of incoming calls, or you want to stop people talking incessantly on their phones around you, using a cell phone blocker is an effective method of maintaining the calm you desire. It is cell phone jammer, also called cell phone blocker.

We offer cheap UHF/VHF jammers

Ultra High Frequency - UHF for short refers to radio waves with frequencies from 300MHZ to 3000MHZ. It is the highest frequency commonly used in television broadcasting. UHF is widely used in short-range communications such as walkie-talkies, Bluetooth, wireless networks, mobile phones, and military aviation radios.

Why Does Signal Jammer Sale Online

Cell phones are now widely used and the normal frequency and common bands include GSM, CDMA, DCS and PCS. And now with the rapid development of high technology and 3G ,4G signal are also coming into the market. And these kinds of frequency bands are widely used in countries all over the world.

High Power Wide Range Phone Jammer

Cell phone jammers in schools are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Many teachers are tired of trying to stop students from texting in class and want to know how to stop cell phone use in class.

What are the general problems in the project management of prison cell phone signal jammers?

Where are you not actually required to install a cell phone signal? In fact, in prisons, it is impossible for prisoners who are serving their sentences to use mobile phones to communicate with the outside world in public places and crowded places.

How to choose a satisfactory 5g mobile phone signal jammer?

In order to reasonably avoid and interfere with mobile phone related signals, such as GPS, WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, the mobile phone signal jammer is generated. It is mainly used in school examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, etc.

What are the drone countermeasures?

In recent years, with the development of drones, the phenomenon of black flying drones is not uncommon, and the market for drone countermeasures is also increasing year by year. So what are the current domestic UAV countermeasures? Today, the editor of dojammer will explain it to you.

What are the main aspects of the smartphone shielding system?

As a representative function of the smartphone signal jammer system, the intelligent networking of multiple node devices and the realization of remote centralized control and management are also essential.

Outrageous! A father uses a jammer to restrict his child's Internet access: causing the whole town to be disconnected from the Internet

On February 21, foreign media Techinsight reported that a father in France used a high-power jammer to limit the cellular network in order to restrict his children from surfing the Internet late at night.

5G mobile phone signal jammer principle introduction

The function of the cell phone signal blocker is to block the signal, and it is used in many occasions. The most used occasions we come into contact with are school examination rooms.

What is the appropriate interference distance of the anti-drone jamming gun?

The larger the jamming distance is, the better. According to the actual application scenarios and functional requirements, anti-drone The interference distance of the jamming gun is theoretically required to reach 1000 meters.

Necessity and characteristics of installing mobile phone signal shielding system in prisons

Managers can manually operate the cell phone blocking system or set up to automatically query the working status of each cell phone blocker. For faulty or damaged cell phone signal jammers, the cell phone jamming system can be found immediately, greatly reducing the daily inspection of managers. time and speed.

Ukrainian drone strikes 'Europe's largest nuclear power plant'

Earlier in the day, three Ukrainian suicide drones attacked the area where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located, causing the nuclear power plant's administrative building to catch fire. Other infrastructure was not damaged, and the nuclear power plant was operating normally.

Greece builds drone defense network

According to foreign media reports, Greece recently established an anti-drone system on important islands in the Aegean Sea, using Israeli anti-drone technology to deal with the growing threat of drones.

5G full-band jammer application

Faced with the harm caused by mobile phones, how do prisons block 5G mobile phone signals? Here we must mention the 5G full-band jammer in prisons. Only by establishing a truly effective prison mobile phone signal blocking system can we provide strong security for prisons and detention centers Assure.

Mobile jammers brought us real and interesting life

When GPS systems become more and more popular in our daily life, GPS jammers come into play. The GPS system equipment brings us the real life and is a great help to us. The free, open and reliable nature of the GPS system has led to the development of hundreds of applications that affect every aspect of modern life.

Use signal jammers to protect your personal appointments

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Mobile Phone Signal Booster | Smart Rong Communication Helps Internet of Everything

Whether it is in the field of daily life or in the field of traditional industrial manufacturing and control, it is faced with the networking and interconnection of massive devices. From the application point of view, the demand is fragmented, the needs of enterprises are very different, and the industrial scale development is difficult.

Analysis of the working principle of cell phone jammer in court

The principle of the cell phone jammer is: within a certain frequency range, the cell phone and the signal tower are connected by radio waves to complete the transmission of data and sound with a certain baud rate and a certain modulation method.

How to choose a mobile phone signal shielding device for a 1500-square-meter venue?

First of all, we need to know that when the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, it first needs to have a 220V AC power supply, which determines that the mobile phone jammer can only be installed on the wall or the surrounding head space during the installation process.

What are the current status and misunderstandings of wireless signal jammers?

If the low-power equipment does not use multiple antennas for long-distance shielding, but is centrally arranged or 5 antennas work together, the radiated power will be greater than 10 microwatts/square centimeter, and the short-range radiation must be seriously exceeded.

Prevent GPS Position Tracking - The Latest Technology Shields GPS Satellite Signals

Vehicle tracking function; the actual position of the vehicle can be displayed in real time using GPS and electronic map, and can be zoomed in, zoomed out, restored, and changed at will; it can move with the target to keep the target on the screen; it can also realize multi-window , multi-vehicle, multi-screen tracking at the same time. Use this function to track and transport important vehicles and goods.

The most complex and crowded 1800MHz band in cell phone jammers

The cell phone signal jammer is to complete the signal shielding for all 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other standards, which determines that a standard 5G mobile phone signal jammer, the frequency range covered by the shielded signal from 700MHz to 4960MHz needs to be included.

Anti-drone swarms also need to "combination of soft and hard" to strike

UAV swarms can use "soft kill" methods such as electronic interference or network attacks to counteract, destroy the signal connection between the UAV swarm and the remote controller, and make the UAV swarm directly out of control and crash or return automatically.

Which frequency bands in the 5G mobile phone signal jammer overlap with the original 234G frequency band?

As a professional 5G mobile phone The manufacturer of the cell phone signal jammer clearly gave the customer an answer, this is because some of the 5G frequency bands used by the current 5G mobile phones do overlap with the original 234G frequency band.

The drone counter gun effectively strikes against drones and protects the safety of important occasions

The fourth-generation drone strike gun adopts the design of a portable suitcase and has a wider range of applications. It can be quickly applied in government agencies, prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, and major competitions and conferences. The fourth-generation counter UAV equipment of Shenzhen Texin Electronics is very small, portable and easy to operate.

What are the benefits of cell phone jammers at the signaling layer?

The signaling layer signal jammer samples the signal sent from the base station to the mobile segment through the signaling mobile phone and simulates the public network base station signal to transmit communication blocking signaling to the mobile phone by analyzing the frame code and recombining to induce the mobile communication equipment To achieve the purpose of shielding mobile communication signals.

Can a wireless signal jammer block surveillance cameras?

Recently, I have often received inquiries from some customers. They want to buy a suitable wireless signal jammer from us. The purpose is also very clear, that is, it is used to block surveillance cameras. Usually, we will directly refuse to meet such needs. . So the question is, is the wireless signal blocker we produce can't block the surveillance camera?

Is the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer the transmission distance of the shielded signal?

The shielding range of the cell phone signal jammer is proportional to its own transmission power. The greater the power, the greater the shielding range. Although there are other factors that affect the effective shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer, such as: whether the signal transmission path There are obstacles, the material and thickness of obstacles, and the strength of on-site mobile phone signals, etc.

The best choice for handheld cell phone signal and GPS blocker

"8 Antenna Handheld 2G 3G 4G Cell Phone and GPS Signal Jammer" is the name of the cell phone GPS jammer introduced in this paragraph, it can help people make a lot of efforts in work and life, here you can know this GPS 4G signal jammer The device is really powerful.

Factory cell phone signal jammer

It's just that the shielding effect of the test cell phone signal jammer is limited in scope, generally within a radius of 0 to 50 meters, and the area is about 250 square meters. Within this range, it can be guaranteed to be blocked.

The main method of UAV countermeasures

For drones that are in an illegal flying state, they need to be reversed through detection and identification technology. At present, UAV jammer systems at home and abroad mainly adopt four countermeasures.

What factors are related to the strength of the mobile phone signal?

As we all know, in the same location, different brands and even different models of the same brand have different cell phone signals. There are many willingness to affect the strength of the mobile phone, among which these points occupy the largest reason.

Mobile phone signal jammer indoor and outdoor use distance

Among them, the shielding device of the examination room, as one of the important guarantee means to prevent information cheating, has become the standard examination room. One of the must-have equipment.

Mobile phone signal jammer indoor and outdoor use distance

The effective shielding distance of the cell phone signal jammer is the indoor distance. There are not too many obstacles in the room, and there is a certain distance from the base station. If you use a desktop multi-antenna signal jammer indoors, the shielding effect will be better.

Are high-power handheld mobile phone signal jammers good?

Do not put the hand-held mobile phone signal jammer into water or close to the fire source, and do not use the jammer in places with excessive humidity, overheating, high voltage or high radiation.

Can I block other people's mobile phone signals through the APP?

As a manufacturer of mobile phone signal blockers, we are often asked: Can we block other people's mobile phone signals through APP software? Instead of using our mobile phone signal jammer in hardware mode to achieve it. So, how do we answer and analyze this question?

Affected by the epidemic, the popularity of the US consumer security market has declined

In addition to the impact of the new crown virus, in recent years, smart home and DIY systems can meet monitoring applications, both of which also reduce users' dependence on security manufacturers. Analysts at Parks Associates said: "2019 was the best year for consumer security progress, but in 2020 the industry must be prepared to deal with the impact of the new coronavirus.

The significance of ecological platform construction for the security industry

It can be seen that the security industry chain is very large and complex, and even leading companies cannot cover everything. If it is said that in the past, security companies fought single-handedly to gain a share of the security market, but now, this traditional tactic is outdated, and the further back, the narrower the road.

Cell Phone Signal Jammer, Cell Phone Signal Jammer, Surveillance Camera

Imported devices, the design of the slow-start circuit can avoid the sparking phenomenon caused by the mechanical switch, and the working stability is good. It can cut off the GSM/CDMA/AMPS/DCS/PHS mobile phone signal within a radius of 5-50 meters, so that the mobile phone cannot make and receive calls.

How to choose an economical and practical mobile phone signal jammer with 5G signal shielding function?

The mobile phone signal jammers purchased by schools in previous years, because 5G was not launched when they were purchased, so these signal jammers can no longer be used for 5G signal shielding in the current test room signal shielding process, which makes school test room users face how The problem of upgrading or replacing the original cell phone signal jammer.

Why is Apple's mobile phone signal not as good as Huawei's?

It determines the quality of the mobile phone signal, which actually includes some software and hardware aspects. The hardware part, including baseband, RF front-end, antenna, etc., affects the signal strength of the mobile phone and determines the quality of the signal, in addition to these reasons , and some software algorithms work in it.

UAV Countermeasures: Trends in Counter-UAV Technology

Before the Spring Festival in 2021, a set of drone jammer system integrating detection and countermeasures was successfully tested at a railway station in Guangdong and ensured the low-altitude safety of the railway station during the Spring Festival. big effect.

Can the drone jamming defense system be used continuously for a long time?

Some important confidential places or key government departments choose to purchase and install a drone jammer system, the purpose is to effectively prevent illegal intrusion of drones, prevent leaks or prevent malicious attacks by drones, then drone interference defense Can the system be used continuously for a long time?

One article to understand the ISM frequency band

In addition, many new smart home electronic products and hobbyist electronic products use Zigbee technology operating in the 915MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM frequency bands to complete power consumption and short-range communication between devices.

The role of mobile phone signal jammer

To put it simply, the function of the mobile phone jammer is to send out interference signals, which seriously damage the local magnetic field, so that the signal cannot be transmitted normally, and the mobile phone cannot normally receive the signal from the base station.

The principle of mobile phone signal jammer

When the signal jammer is working, it sends out interference signals to interfere with the channel frequency band of the base station. The interference signal increases the bit error rate of the channel and reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of the channel, so that the mobile phone cannot decode the information sent by the base station normally.

Guidelines for the Security Protection of Personal Information on the Internet

Recently, the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Beijing Network Industry Association and the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security jointly researched and formulated the "Guidelines for the Security Protection of Personal Information on the Internet" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines").

Precautions for purchasing microcomputer information leakage protector online?

It is necessary to choose a manufacturer that specializes in information jammers or information leakage prevention equipment, and at the same time, whether it is considering better price or quality assurance, the source company should be selected first, so as to ensure that the purchase of microcomputer information leakage preventers can achieve the same effect and price. expected.

Discussion on the Standard of Cell Phone Jammer System in Prison Detention Center

Because the prison system is different from conference rooms, theaters, examination rooms, etc., the mobile phone shielding system running in the prison requires up to 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, cell phone jammer, which requires the system to have considerable reliability.

Is the portable handheld cell phone signal jammer effective?

When the phone is far away from the shielding range, it can resume normal use Portable cell phone signal jammers are imported ICs and self-developed, especially for small places at home and abroad that require special security and confidentiality, such as confidential offices, negotiation rooms, mobile vehicles, and mobile political and business circles.

How to install the car hand-held mobile phone signal jammer?

The vehicle-mounted hand-held mobile phone signal jammer is a broadband transmitter with a transmission frequency of 870~880MHz, 930~960MHz, 1805~1920MHz, 2010~2145MHz, 2400~2500MHz, 2300~2370MHZ, 2555~2655MHZ (excluding GSM, DCS, PCS, 4G uplink operating frequency), is a wireless device used to cut off the signal between the transmitter (base station) and the mobile phone, which can shield the 2.4 wireless signal.

How many car GPS signal jammers do you have?

The range of GPS jammers can be from 5 to 15 meters, which can take into account the cars and buses of cars and vans, since the location tracker is generally installed in the car cab inside the car. After starting the connection according to the car's cigarette lighter, the device starts to work immediately and causes wireless communication noise (interference) in the range of 1500-1600MHz (L1/L2) within 15 meters and a half.

Do cell phone blocking devices work the same way indoors as they do outdoors?

The shielding equipment is definitely different in the outdoor and outdoor environments. We do not recommend using the same equipment in two different environments, especially the indoor shielding equipment is used in the outdoor environment, because the outdoor is relatively complex and harsh.

What is the appropriate interference distance for a handheld anti-drone jamming gun?

In such an application scenario, the jamming distance of the handheld anti-drone jammer gun is very interesting. So what is the appropriate jamming distance?

Installation of wireless signal jammers as technical precautions in classified places

In order to prevent the internal information from being stolen by the outside world, which leads to the occurrence of secret leakage incidents, many technical preventive measures are adopted in secret-related places, and the installation of wireless signal jammers is one of these technical preventive measures. So how does the wireless signal jammer ensure the security of information protection in classified places? Here we discuss this issue.

Please note that "drones" must not fly around along the railway

In recent years, the phenomenon of endangering railway safety due to the lifting and releasing of drones has occurred from time to time. Lifting and releasing drones around the railway can easily bring hidden dangers to the operation safety of high-speed railway cable facilities and high-speed railway trains.

Can prison guards block cell phone detection?

Due to many reasons, the expert group found that the shielding systems of a large number of prisons across the country are not very effective. What's more, in order to cover up the defects of their own shielding technology to confuse the public, there has been a trend of "detection shielding" in the industry. Without the guidance of professionals, it is suggested to be wrongly guided to use "detection shielding" technology to solve the cell phone jammer needs of prisons.

How to build a high-quality "mobile phone signal shielding system" in the prison area?

The mobile phone signal jammer system is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of the prison, which puts forward higher requirements for the mobile phone signal shielding technology.

Overview and Usage Characteristics of Cell Phone Signal Jammers

The cell phone jammer is not an unknown device, it can be used in many different places to effectively prevent cell phone leakage and eliminate cell phone noise pollution, but there are still many users who have detailed equipment knowledge and are not known , so I'll introduce it next.

How to make the cell phone signal jammer signal stronger?

Making the signal of the cell phone signal jammer stronger is a step that every user wants to operate, but many users do not understand it, so the detailed content will be introduced next, so that more users can operate it.

What you need to do before installing the cell phone signal jammer device

Before the cell phone signal jammer is installed, in order to better ensure the use efficiency and operation safety of the equipment, we need to do the pre-installation preparations, so the corresponding operations are introduced next.

How to maintain smartphone network security?

The traditional way of security work in the terminal era is difficult to deal with the maintenance of unaware threats. In addition, different software will have different application intentions in different regions. Good or bad software tools can no longer be identified by a set of characteristics.

What control methods can drones have?

UAV interference is also a mainstream technology at present. The remote control signal of the UAV is blocked by high-power transmission, so that the UAV loses control. Generally, the UAV can be shot down directly, and the intelligent UAV can also be destroyed by an unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone interferes with GPS and Beidou signals to prevent the drone from returning.

Can a wireless signal blocker block wired cameras?

The main function of the wireless signal blocker is to block the commonly used wireless signals of various frequency bands. The types of these wireless signals include mobile phone signals of all formats, WIFI signals, Bluetooth signals, remote control signals, wireless image transmission signals and wireless data transmission signals.

Can block students' mobile phone signals Can't block students' right to speak

During the National Day, mobile phone signal jammers were installed on the walls of the dormitory buildings of Doumen No. 1 Middle School, and at the same time, card phones were installed in each dormitory. It seems that the school will restrict students from using mobile phones after the holiday.

Will bad temperature endanger drone countermeasure equipment?

The commonly used radar of phased array system belongs to the collaborative innovation technology of military weapons. For example, British Aegis ships are known for their choice of phased array system radars.

Can individuals buy and use cell phone jammers?

Our company is a professional manufacturer of cell phone jammers. During the production and operation process for many years, there are often some individual customers who want to consult and purchase cell phone jammers from us. Then, if the cell phone jammers are for personal use, can you directly After purchasing, are there any relevant laws and regulations that restrict the use of mobile phone shields by individuals?

What are the advantages of high-power mobile phone signal jammers?

The high-power mobile phone signal jammer is a new product developed by using a special advanced technology approach according to the needs of the market. It can automatically form a shielding magnetic field within a specified range, so that the mobile phone cannot be played and connected, so as to achieve the mandatory ban of mobile phones. Purpose.

State Grid installs and builds drone countermeasure equipment

The second is the direct destruction category, including the use of laser weapons, the use of drones against drones, etc. The third is monitoring, mainly by hijacking radio control and so on. The second technology is mainly used in the military field. Wufeng Technology is China Southern Power Grid's first drone jammer equipment.

Drone counter guns guard in public places

It is understood that in recent years, due to the low cost, easy acquisition and simple operation of consumer drones, commercial drones have rapidly penetrated into the civilian field, the number of users has gradually increased, supervision is difficult, and they are easy to be used by criminals. to great pressure.

WLAN jammer Full 360° shielding signal

WiFi jammers that support radio waves and cell phones are mainly used in security installations, hospitals, schools and private schools where the use of cell phones is prohibited, as well as in banks, halls conference rooms, libraries, stores and schools prohibited. universal.

WiFi and Bluetooth jammers will block the signal from the tracking chip

Want to know how to get rid of this powerful tracking? It won't be as easy as you hope, but it is possible. You can combine wave jammer, WiFi jammer and Bluetooth to block signal from Broadcom BCM4752 tracking chip. You must also interfere with the NFC signal. Only when all those radio signals are protected can you safely conduct this nifty hunt.

How to choose a mobile phone signal jammer device and share the precautions

1. After the demonstration of the product, you can inspect the application, operation status and actual effect of the product in other similar projects;

2. During the inspection, it is better to bring the mobile phone into the shielded area after approval to verify the shielding effect.

Today's increasingly popular high-tech equipment - drone countermeasure equipment

We all know that drones are widely used in people's lives. So, with the advent of drones, our lives are becoming more and more transparent. But in addition, some drones are used in some areas that should not be used. Therefore, the importance of UAV jammer equipment exists in the following aspects.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the installation of common equipment for signal jammers

When there are too many cell phone signal jammers, especially after multiple buildings in the prison area are shielded, it is difficult to turn on and off in a centralized manner; even if the power cord is arranged uniformly, a special person is required to be responsible for turning on and off on time.

What is the minimum shielding range of a cell phone signal jammer?

The shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer is based on the power of the jammer. If it is tested in the field, the shielding range is different according to the strength of the local environmental signal. For example, the weak shielding range of the indoor signal is large, and there are GSM base stations for outdoor use accessories. Then the GSM signal is close to the outdoor shielding range!

How can the cell phone signal jammer avoid signal interference?

Band cracking method. Because the working principle of the school's cell phone jammer is to block the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone signal in the specified band, as long as the receiving and transmitting frequency of the mobile phone is modified, it can be prevented from being blocked.

What are the accessories of the mobile phone signal jammer?

Shielding equipment is very popular right now, and there are many different types of shielding equipment on the market. Have you heard of jammers? Maybe not. Then, this article will focus on a powerful signal jammer, 15W high power 5 antenna full signal jammer, after reading the article, you will know why it is powerful and stands out among all jammers.

Is the metal shell mobile phone shielding instrument good?

Mobile phone shielding device with metal shell, it means that the body of the mobile phone shielding device is a metal material, usually an aluminum profile, and the metal material is used both as a shell and a radiator. So is this kind of metal shell mobile phone shielding instrument good?

The application site of mobile phone signal jammer is widely used in mobile phones today

In today's society, mobile phones have increasingly become an indispensable tool in people's work and life. People walking down the street with their phones in their hands can be seen everywhere these days.

The scope of application of the UAV system

LSS·UAV systems are readily available to anyone as a commercial product, posing an immediate threat to critical public infrastructure and military equipment. Military exclusion zone measures to keep friendly forces and critical infrastructure safe are often concentrated in areas requiring protection.

The mobile phone signal jammer cheater teaches you how to weaken the wireless network signal

1. Use more metal utensils, which will weaken the signal but not shield it

2. Generally, thicker walls or walls made of stone also have the effect of shielding the signal.

3. The most common mirrors in the home have the function of reflecting wireless signals, but the cost is high and the risk is also great.

Is there a big difference in the effect of mobile phone signal jammers used indoors and outdoors?

The conclusion we give is: If you use the same mobile phone signal jammer, when used indoors and outdoors, the effect of the two will be very different! Moreover, in these two usage environments, low-power mobile phone shielding devices are generally used indoors, and high-power mobile phone signal shielding devices must be used outdoors.

Does the mobile phone signal blocker need to be adjusted?

Many places need a signal shielding device, but many people do not know the installation method of the signal shielding device. Some people think that the mobile phone signal shielding device can be used directly by connecting to the power supply, but some people think that the frequency needs to be adjusted, and the signal shielding device works It's hard to tell whether or not.

Is it necessary to have a Wifi signal jammer?

It is necessary to use a Wifi blocker, on the one hand to ensure the safety of the network, on the other hand, it can control the time children use the Internet, do not indulge in the virtual world, it will cause serious damage to their body and mind. In addition, the radiation of the wifi transmitter will affect the For human health, it is not suitable to use it for a long time. You can open the wifi blocker to block the wifi signal.

Can the exam room isolator be powered by DC?

When the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination are held as scheduled every year, some schools will be designated as examination rooms. During the construction of standardized examination rooms, these schools will purchase and install a large number of examination room shields. Then, a large number of examination room shields will be used in the power supply. How to solve it?

Hidden Mini WiFi Bluetooth Jammer is Easier to Use

Want to cut off WiFi and bluetooth without anyone else knowing it was you that cut the signal, any good ideas would help to achieve the goal? Now the answer is of course only obtainable with a goal like a hidden mini bluetooth jammer, just here Shenzhou Mingda can provide you with a good opportunity to get a high-quality mini WiFi jammer.

Can the shielded signal of the signal shielding device achieve accurate coverage?

There are often some customers who put forward special requirements for the use environment when consulting and purchasing our signal shielding instrument. It can be limited to a small room, outside the door or behind a wall, it must be ensured that there is no influence of the signal shielding device at all.

The superposition of the number of 5G jammers cannot represent the superposition of the shielding effect of mobile phones

A customer installed a 5G jammer in a large conference room environment, and the feedback was that the effect of mobile phone shielding is indeed there, but because the conference room is too large, if only one 5G shield is installed, Certainly cannot achieve complete coverage of mobile phone shielding signals.

How to use mobile phone signal jammer reasonably and compliantly?

When using a communication signal blocking device such as a mobile phone signal shielding device, it must be reasonably compliant. According to relevant laws and regulations, if the current communication signal causes large-scale interference, it is illegal. Therefore, in order to ensure that the other two do not Delayed communication, signal shielding requirements, must be reasonably observed when using mobile phone signal shielding devices.

16 antenna jammers with increased security

It is inconvenient to use with a mobile phone in places where conversations are not possible, e.g. B. in trains or restaurants. In this case I activated the jammer and sent it out of the service area. This is interesting because I usually call my phone and start shaking the lid. Today when I was reading a book on the train, people around me started shaking my phone.

Wireless Camera Jammer Monitors Exam Room Center

They used the curiosity of candidates and parents to wait for the money before disappearing. Cell phone jammers The installation also disrupted residents around the School that protested that the school can only be opened during the day when the pupils he are in class and opening them at night prevented their normal communication.

Why do I still have a signal after installing a mobile phone signal jammer?

In addition to the problem of co-channel interference, the mobile phone signal screener also has some tips to improve the quality of the wireless network at home. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Now that most residents have deployed wireless routers in their homes, channel conflicts are inevitable. If we find instability or lag when using the network, we might as well change to a channel with fewer access points.

The automatic mahjong machine in the chess and card room also needs to rely on the signal jammer to prevent cheating

Some chess and card room owners even installed signal jammers in their chess and card rooms. Why? It turned out that the bosses also have a last resort. The use of signal blockers is not used to block mobile phone signals, but for those automatic mahjong machines, mainly to prevent some malicious people from using wireless remote controls to secretly control the automatic mahjong machine, thereby changing the card deal and the result of the game.

The use of hand-held mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room

The college entrance examination mobile phone signal jammer is equipped to prevent candidates from cheating using mobile phone communication. After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, it will interfere with the reception and transmission of communication signals, so as to prevent candidates from using mobile devices to cheat and violate regulations.

Can the portable signal shielding instrument be adjusted to improve the coverage of shielded signals?

First of all, the transmit power of the portable signal shielding device itself is fixed. That is to say, the strength of the shielded signal it emits is relatively stable, and it will not fluctuate. The error of the wall obstacle, etc., will directly affect the effective shielding distance of the shielded signal.

Can the mobile phone signal blocker of the drag box type block while dragging?

The cell phone signal jammer, which is often referred to as a portable mobile phone signal jammer, such as our SMa-818T5B, which uses the American Pelican military standard tow box as the installation carrier of the mobile phone signal jammer, such as The appearance structure is convenient and portable. It is very convenient and quick to drag the mobile phone signal jammer like a suitcase.

How to effectively improve the communication distance of the walkie-talkie?

Improving the antenna system is one way to improve radio performance. Consider how a radio signal propagates: it travels in a straight line and may be blocked by buildings, hills, trees, or any other natural or man-made obstacle. To optimize and maximize range, the antenna must be as high as possible. This improves the line-of-sight of the walkie-talkie and produces a better, stronger signal. With an effective antenna system, sometimes all the user has to do is move to a higher position to maintain a strong communication connection.

Where should the mobile phone signal blocker be installed in the examination room for the best shielding effect?

The mobile phone signals in the classroom of the examination room are all remote base station signals, and are transmitted to the classroom through doors and windows. Then, the most reasonable installation location is to select the installation location of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room. The middle of the wall on the side of the base station, so that the shielding effect of the shielding device can be maximized.

How to realize the concealed installation of the conference room mobile phone jammer so that it is not easy to be noticed?

Many customers who need to install mobile phone jammers in conference rooms mentioned that one of the biggest concerns is: how to install mobile phone jammers in conference rooms more concealed? Therefore, it is hoped that after entering the conference room, the person participating in the conference will not easily find that a signal shielding device is installed in the conference room.

Jammers stop illegal drones

The importance of drone jammers for illegal drones is obvious. At the same time, everyone knows that black drone thefts happen from time to time. Small enough to snoop, big enough to steal state and military secrets, small enough to fall and injure people which will result in airport closure.

Applicable places for wired anti-eavesdropping detectors and wireless anti-eavesdropping equipment

The correct use of anti-eavesdropping detection actually depends on the different anti-eavesdropping devices, wired and wireless, and large and small. Generally speaking, wired anti-eavesdropping devices can be used in ordinary environments because there are fewer sources of interference with the device's signal and the security settings are not very good.

How is the shielding distance of the mobile phone signal jammer affected?

The mobile phone shows the phenomenon of searching the network, no signal, no service and so on. The shielding distance of the cell phone signal jammer produced by dojammer Electronics Co., Ltd. is closely related to the distance of the base station.

What kind of power supply should the mobile phone signal shielding instrument be equipped with in the 5G era?

In the 2020s, 5G communication was widely promoted and applied, and the corresponding 5G mobile phone signal jammer device also kept pace with the times and developed synchronously with the pace of 5G. Like the signal system supported by mobile phones, the current 5G mobile phone signal blocker needs to block all 2G\3G\4G\5G signals as well as WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time.

What are the ways to improve the shielding effect of mobile phone shielding equipment?

After the mobile phone shielding device is turned on, the area covered by the shielding signal it emits usually ranges from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, while some high-power mobile phone shielding devices can cover thousands of square meters. , or mobile phone signals within a radius of several hundred meters will be blocked.

What are the common vandalism methods of mobile phone jammers?

Destruction of the antenna: This is mainly for mobile phone jammers with external antennas. Some people who are resistant to the use of mobile phone jammers, once they see the antenna, the first thing that comes to their mind is to unscrew the antenna and throw it away. This is a relatively crude form of damage, and once the antenna is thrown away, it is very difficult to retrieve.

Will the frequency jammer interfere with the precision power supply?

Some factory or workshop customers express this very concern when purchasing and using frequency jammers: Will the jammer interfere with the electrical equipment in the workshop, especially some of the precision power supplies?

What is the difference between military jammers and civilian jammers?

The prison needs to shield the surrounding environment of the building (distance and building structure from other non-shielded buildings), so the use area, scope and floor structure of the prison need to ensure that the shielding area is very complex and special. In order to ensure the effect of the area to be shielded, while ensuring the normal calls in the shielded building and surrounding non-shielded areas.