Drone Jammer Block 2.4GHz 5.1GHz 5.8GHz signal

Drone Jammer is our self-developed high-power unmanned aircraft to intercept device which has image of drones in the band with interference, by interfering with its downlink and uplink signal transmission band, so that the failure of the remote control, the video shooting cannot return, forcing the drone hovering in the air and landed completely cut off with the remote control or UAV contacts of ground stations, especially in prisons, detention centers, drug treatment centers, security services, forces.

Super Desktop 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G 3 bands UAV Signal Jammer

This drone jammer designed for portability. it is ideal for managing illegal aircrafts. Is the first choice of the city security management department, protect their privacy and security good helper.

$919.99 $1106.66

High-power box-type UAV jammer interception equipment

The box-type jammer is mainly used to forcibly control the drone or flight model in flight, and the connection between the drone and the remote controller is broken over a long distance, and the drone can be forced by the interceptor. Or mandatory return to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region.

$2480.49 $4056.69

Portable Power Handheld Drone Jammer That Can Interfere with 500 meters

Newest Mini Handheld All-in-One Directional Antenna Signal Jammer for UAVs with 100% Drone Coverage, Lightweight Portable High Gain Built-in 10dBi Directional Antenna, S / N ratio 100 to 500 meters, built-in battery works 1.5 hours continue.

$2299.99 $3006.96

4 Antennas Small Aerial 2.4GHz 5.8GHz Drone signal Jammer

The UAV jammer is designed to prevent spying or being tracked or photographed. In US, where illegal drones are increasingly common, the device is an effective way to protect one's privacy.

$1319.99 $1566.66

New 2.4GHz 5.1GHz 5.8GHz 3-channel portable drone jammer

This is a UAV jammer designed for portability. Small and light, it is ideal for managing illegal drones. Is the first choice of the city security management department, but also to protect their privacy and security good helper.

$839.88 $1478.58

Newest Portable Cell Phone Jammer 3G 4G Wi-Fi2.4G/5G GPS UHF VHF Frequency

The one is professional suitcase portable High power mobile phone jammer for Cell Phone 3G 4G LTE/WIMAX Wifi2.4G/5G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF Signal blocker which are currently presented on the market.

$2499.99 $3975.29

Desktop 12 Bands Phone Signal Jamming Multiple Frequencies Drone Blocker

This jammer has a good heat dissipation system and radiator. The top 2 large fans + 4 small fans have low noise. Each frequency band is independent and the Power is adjustable.

$2830.34 $4667.12

Power 8 Bands 3G 4G WIFI Blocker Drone Signal Jammer

One is a professional Power mobile phone jammer for 4G mobile phones, currently on the market 3G 4GLTE / WIMAX Wi-Fi UHF VHF signal jammers for mobile phones. The medium-sized RF Power Drone Jammer model with 8 antennas and 7 cooling fans also brings us strong interference capabilities.

$5499.88 $7199.88

HW08US High Power Handheld Portable Drone Signal Jammer

Total output power 24 W, built-in 5-7 dbi high gain panel directional antennas, shielding 20-250 m, still depends on the strength signal in a certain area.

$3399.49 $5056.69

Military Tactical Shield Type UAV Jammer block 2.4G 5.8G

This is the latest drone jammer. Professional grade military design is adopted. It's very light and easy to carry. It can jam remote control signals of low-flying drones, and it doesn't affect other signals.

$5999.89 $7006.96

Cheap Drone Signal Jammer Purchase Drone Blocker

The RF UAV and Drone Jammer incorporates the latest jamming technology into a compact integrated system. Able to be fitted with a wide range of frequency jamming modules the Drone Frequency Jammer can be deployed in just minutes to protect VIPs, military/security personnel or buildings from UAV drones.

Many people are taking advantage of no-name drones these days. Especially drones are very useful for travelers because with their help they can catch unforgettable moments. By installing a camera on a UAV board, they can take pictures and make videos from the highest points. We are sorry to say, but with the appearance of nameless aerial vehicles, the criminals have started their illegal activity.

It's no secret that criminals can use drones to take photos of your property. These photos can help them learn about the construction of your house, etc. In addition, unnamed air vehicles are very often used for smuggling (carrying drugs, weapons and bombs). You can also use drones in water. Drone signal jammers are the best tools to fight against drones. With the help of jammers you will protect your property and your family.

Besides the specific use of Drone Jammer in the military field, this well-functioning anti-drone circuit breaker can find application in the prevention of criminal acts (such as smuggling, drugs, terrorism, etc.). It can also be effective for police forces involved in the surveillance of certain risk areas. By simply pointing the antenna at the flying drone, the jammer emits radio waves that disconnect the input signal used to drive the aircraft, and therefore land it. Work in a range between 5 and 100 meters.

Drone jammers ban illegal flights

All drone jamming equipment is based on jamming units. The system affects the aircraft by using a directional antenna array. When a threat is detected, the system automatically sends instructions to the jamming device and begins locking down all radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video links. Syed disrupted the overall orientation of the drone. Here, the aircraft will lose contact with the operator. The system is managed by a PC or remote control, and this specification generally interferes with the state.

Drone jammers can display jamming status. Because the system adopts advanced aircraft jamming technology, the combat range can reach 2 kilometers. This is a perfect aircraft jamming system for a variety of sensitive and protected areas, including prisons, military bases, power plants, oil refineries and generally private properties. In addition to the standard series, Drone frequency jammers can be assembled in one piece upon buyer's request.

The new aircraft jammer supports both 220V/110V power supply and battery power supply, which is easy to use and has a longer working time. In addition, on the basis of GNSS and 2.4G, the newly added 5.8G frequency band can defend drones with more frequency bands. It can also be equipped with standard-sized threaded holes to support the use of a tripod, which is convenient for squatting for a long time.

While it looks like a sniper rifle, it works quite differently. It can cut off communication between the aircraft and the controller by transmitting jamming signals, disrupting the GPS navigation system and forcing the drone to land or leave automatically.

About Drone Jammers

Drones are becoming more and more popular, some bring benefits to people, and some seriously hinder people's lives. Drone jammers are born. Effective measures taken against these adverse effects effectively interfere with the 5.1GHZ 5.8GHZ signal frequency band to ensure that our privacy is not captured.

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