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Anti-Tracking Satellite Positioning GPS Jammer For Sale

Small car jammer charging the cigarette lighter GPS blocker

cigarette lighter jammer

This portable car GPS jammer can be installed on the car and is specially designed for the driver to prevent the driver from being followed. The compact and lightweight design is easy to carry.


Handheld Portable GPS L1-L5 2 Band Jammer Jamming radius Up to 15 meters

GPS signal jammer

This jammer can cover all the 15m range of all positioning terminal equipment, as well as other GPS signals of the jammer, and protect your personal data jammer, GPS jammer, anti-tracking device.

$89.58$156.36 Low Price

The mini-automatic GPS signal mini jammer in the form of USB is a perfect match for the car

USB Jammer

This small GPS jammer with hidden U disk design is very small and easy to carry. With an interference range of 5 meters, it effectively protects your personal safety.


Glod 4 antennas jammer blocker GSM UMTS WIFI GPS sinal Optional

4 Bands portable Jammer

This is a very Glod 4 antennas portable WIFI 315 433 868mhz GPS jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer.


GSM 3G WIFI GPS Bluetooth frequencise 5 antenna video signal jammer

5 Bands Handheld Jammer

It can be used on all types of Android phones, tablets, smart phones, iPhones, Win phones, etc. The popular GSM, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless signals in 2016 and later.


5-band portable GPS jammer with GSM 3G 4G WIFI signal blocker

portable GPS jammer

The portable GPS jammer is particularly powerful and effectively prevents all GPS frequencies (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5) as well as GSM / UMTS / WiFi signals. The device has a range of up to 20m.


Powerful WiFi jammer 3G/4G LTE/Wimax-GPS blocker with 12 antennas

12 antennas WiFi Jammer

This is a WiFi jammer with 12 antennas that can provide strong interference signals. Can cut off all 3G 4G WiFi5.8GHz GPS VHF UHF RF 315MHz 433MHz signal. interference is 40 meters.


Mini cell phone GSM 3G (UMTS) GPS WIFI jammer hidden type jamming device

Mini WIFI Jammer

This small GSM 3G GPS WIFI jammer has a built-in rechargeable battery, and the attached car adapter can charge the device and use it in the car.Very convenient to use.


Protective Cell Phone GPS Signal Tracking Interceptor Bag

GPS Interceptor Bag

This kind of cell phone GPS network blocker holster can effectively interfere with cell phone signals, so you will not be interfered by incoming calls.The easiest jammer


Power adjustable 5G jammer WIFI 3G 4G GSM GPS signal jammer

Desktop high-power 5G jammer

This is a 5G mobile phone jammer developed for the upcoming 5G mobile signal. It has been proved to be effective through various tests. the device can also block 3G, 4G and WiFi signals.


High power 16 band GPS Blocker adjuestable phone signal jammer

16-wire High Power Signal Jammer

This 16-wire high power jammer can cut off all 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone signals and interrupt VHF UHF WiFi2.4G 5.8G CDMA450M GPS LOJACK signals can cover 20-80meters.


What is the role of GPS shielding device?

GPS signals are the same as smartphones and are easily affected by electronic components. Signal jammers can shield all signals in a specific range, so that all communication devices in the range lose signals. After installing a GPS locator on the car, buyers can easily find their car on the GPS monitoring management platform. As we all know, criminals have also discovered such good products to find loopholes. If you buy a signal jammer online, turn on the power after the car is stolen, there will be no signal in the car, and the car will be offline on the service platform, as if the car’s whereabouts are unknown, you can’t find it anyway.

GPS jammer equipment can indeed shield GPS signals, but its disadvantage is that it will shield all signals in the car. In other words, a thief is unlikely to use a communication device such as a smartphone in the vicinity of a car. If he cannot find and destroy the GPS device, he must always open the protective cover, otherwise, he will eventually be exposed.

How to distinguish the quality problem of GPS signal jammer?

In the process of purchasing gps signal jammers, you can have a better choice. Some products are very similar in appearance but different in quality, and then judge the quality of the products. Above this basic level, we are choosing This is the basis for everyone in the work of buying, but some people are not fully aware of the process of buying.

How to distinguish the quality of the signal jammer? There are many ways to do the same thing. After you have mastered it properly, you can get the desired result as a matter of course. Next, the editor will take you to judge what kind of signal jammer is of better quality.

Most people don’t know exactly how gps signal jammers are. Under normal circumstances, you can learn about the brand first. If the brand you choose is very good, then the quality level can be guaranteed, but if the brand we choose is not very good, the quality level is of course questionable, so for these laymen, you can go It may be helpful to choose products with good reputation.

The eyes of the masses are discerning. If you buy gps signal jammers in some ways, you must really grasp the user reviews of their sales market, and look at the reviews of others correctly. You can pay attention to it. You can get more information in all aspects, and understand everyone’s comments. If other people’s comments are very good, then it shows that the quality is also adequately guaranteed. Therefore, if you are in the process of making a choice, everyone needs to go Consider the things that come to this level. Therefore, only by ensuring the quality of the product can we bring better results to ourselves.

GPS jammer for national defense

GPS signal jammer is a reasonable and legal signal transmitter that intentionally blocks, jams or interferes with communication, such as calls on mobile phones, text messages, and the GPS system is synchronized with the Wi-Fi Internet. Previously, this type of equipment was manufactured for national defense security. Although GPS signal jammers have already been manufactured, most people do not need to use signal jammers.

Most signal jammers are used for national defense, shielding the locked position information of GPS cruise missiles or bombs placed by opponents to accurately strike. As everyone knows, there are some civilian signal jammers that can hide oneself or one's car under individual conditions. "GPS is gradually used in the economic development of transportation, processing and manufacturing, and people's social development, and the risk is very high," said Peter Last, a professor emeritus at Bangor University in the United States, who is a well-known authority in the field of gps signal jammers. character. "At the telecommunications network level, GPS is a necessity for most people's telephone systems, Internet technology, and British mobile phones." Michael Erhakovoy, CEO of High Power Signal Jammer, told FoxNews.com that GPS signal jammers can store Put it in a trolley or bag to prevent agents from tracking. "The signal blocker will assist you in maintaining private information," Kharkovoy said. "The Dojammer GPS jammer model specification GJ6 is used to block all future tracking system software and all civilian GPS systems, including GPSL1, GPSL2 and GPSL5. To operate the GPS jammer, you only need to turn on the power switch on the top of the jammer. "