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The signal jammer not only has ordinary types of signals, wifi and bluetooth wireless transmission signals, drone (uav) control signals, radio signals and video signals, audio signals are all within the shielding range of the jammer, as long as it generates signals through radio waves , can be shielded, but the most commonly used mobile phone signal shielding. As long as you need, you can contact us to customize the signal type you need to shield. You can find all the most popular signal jammer labels on the Internet, they can help you learn more about signal jammer features and related literature.

Signal jammers are used to shield signals, including various signal frequency bands, and can be divided into corresponding signal jammers for different signal frequency bands. With the development of technology, a signal jammer on the market can shield a variety of signals, and it is a multi-functional and multi-functional signal jammer. Signal shielding is used in various fields, and the signal shielding device we are most familiar with is the signal shielding device. The school's mobile phone signal. The mobile phone needs to have a network signal to access the Internet and obtain more information. GPS devices rely on GPS satellite signals for better positioning and navigation.

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