Can prison guards block cell phone detection?

Dojammer 2022-06-17

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Justice (“Prisons shall install mobile phone signal shielding devices” in Article 3 of Chapter 3 of the “Several Regulations on Strengthening Prison Security Work” (referred to as Article 35) issued in November 2009) and the spirit of the document Requirements, there is an urgent need for the establishment of a mobile phone shielding system in prisons across the country, and many prisons are preparing to set up projects or have already started construction. Due to many reasons, the expert group found that the shielding systems of a large number of prisons across the country are not very effective. What's more, in order to cover up the defects of their own shielding technology to confuse the public, there has been a trend of "detection shielding" in the industry. Without the guidance of professionals, it is suggested to be wrongly guided to use "detection shielding" technology to solve the cell phone jammer needs of prisons. The result is that either the project has been completed but cannot be operated normally, or the project is not approved. At present, whether it is detection shielding or a separate The inability of the shielding effect to meet the needs of prisons has become a thorny problem for prisons and engineering companies. The following is the comparison information of a prison in Fujian from detection shielding to canceling detection light shielding bidding-abandoned bid-re-tendering: Bidding No. XXXXX-2010- 99 XXXX-2010-99 -1 Project Location Fujian XX Prison Fujian XX Prison Project name Mobile phone signal intelligent detection and shielding system Mobile phone signal intelligent shielding system The technical indicators and effects to be achieved by the mobile phone signal intelligent shielding system are shown in the annex. The reason for XXXX-2010-99 Fujian XX Prison’s mobile phone signal intelligent detection and shielding system project failed to bid was announced to the public because there were less than three bidders. The XX Prison Project expert group decided to cancel the bid and re-bid after the actual inspection.