GPS L1 Jammer Satellite Positioning Signal

The GPS L1 band (1575.42 MHz) has become the most important navigation band. In fact, most applications in the world today are based on signals transmitted at this frequency. Much of the world's navigation and tracking software is based on this signal, so to speak

GPS carriers L1, L2, and L5 can be modulated in several ways to carry binary codes 0 and 1, or C/A and P(Y) codes. Neither amplitude modulation nor frequency modulation is used in GPS. What encodes them is a change in carrier phase. It is the phase modulation that enables them to transmit the code from the satellite to the receiver. One consequence of this modulation method is that the signal can occupy a wider bandwidth than would otherwise be possible. GPS signals are said to have spread spectrum because it intentionally increases the bandwidth.

The rate of all components of the GPS signal is a multiple of the oscillator's standard rate. The standard rate is 10.23 MHz. It is called the base clock rate, symbol Fo for example GPS carrier is 154 times Fo, which is 1575.42 MHz - GPS L1

Most GPS jammers contain this band to effectively protect your personal privacy and whereabouts.

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