16 Antennas portable All in one jammer


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First portable jammer ever which can completely jam all frequencies in the 164-5900MHz range. Just have a look at the frequencies that this jammer can fully disable:

16HU for Europe

16HU for America

758-830MHz: 1.0W  5G, 4G LTE Low

850-895MHz: 1.0W  CDMA 850

920-965MHz: 1.0W  GSM900

1800-2000MHz: 1.0W  DCS, PCS

1800-1920MHz: 1.0W DCS

2100-2170MHz: 1.0W  3G, UMTS

2100-2170MHz: 1.0W 3G, UMTS

2300-2500MHz: 1.0W 4G LTE + WiFi 11.b & g

2400-2500MHz: 1.0W  WiFi 11.b & g

2500-2700MHz:1.0W 4G WiMAX Sprint

2570-2690MHz:1.0W 4G LTE High

700-800MHz: 1.0W 4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon)

1450-1620MHz 1.0W 5G+ GPS L1 +Glonass L1

1570-1620 MHz: 1.0W GPS L1 + Glonass L1

164-173MHz :1.0W  Lojack 164MHz

173MHz 1.0W

315MHz :1.0W Remote Control

315MHz :1.0W Remote Control

433MHz :1.0W UHF Remote Control

433MHz :1.0W UHF Remote Control

868MHz: 1.0W Remote Control

868MHz: 1.0W Remote Control

5.1-.5.9GHz :1.0W WiFi 11.a        

5.1-.5.9GHz :1.0W WiFi 11.a

1170-1280MHz: 1.0W GPS L2 + L5+ Glonass L2

1170-1280MHz: 1.0W GPS L2 + L5+ Glonass L2

5G 3400-3600MHz 1.0W 5G LTE

5G 617-652MHz 1.0W 5G LTE

5G 3600-3800MHz 1.0W 5G LTE

1700-1800MHz : 4G LTE

400-480MHz :1.0W UHF Remote Control  

400-480MHz :1.0W UHF Remote Control

Total: 16.0 W

Total: 16.0 W

Absolutely irreplaceble device for your office, meeting room, showroom etc. Helps to protect your privacy and prevents leakage of important information.

The jamming radius of all 16 bands can be manually adjusted. In this way you can select the frequencies you would like to jam at particular time, while not jamming other frequencies. Ther is also LED indicator installed for each frequecny showing the status of band.

16HU portable jammer can be used in USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa - in other words it will fully disable all major frequencies worldwide.

Techinical specification:

Power supply:    AC100-240V or 12V Car Charger
Jamming Range:    Radius 10-30 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas)  
Working time:    3.0 Hours,  Battery:Ni-Mh battery 16000mAH
Weight: 1.8Kg
Dimension:    200 x 135 x 50mm
Warranty:    1 year

Product Reviews

  • Louis Zimmerman August 18, 2022

    I just received this jammer, it looks great, the signal is completely blocked. I like it very much.

  • Polsen Kane July 21, 2022

    I want a scrambler to block the wifi frequency to protect my private information at certain times or places, and I need a scrambler to disable the GPS tracker Jammer installed in my car by the insurance company (Jammer) perfectly responded to my wish. In addition, it runs stably.

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