How to analyze the source of the missing signal of the mobile phone signal jammer?

Dojammer 2022-11-07

During the installation and commissioning of the cell phone signal blocker, are all cell phone signals on site completely blocked? What is the effective range of the shielded signal coverage? These problems are all problems that engineers need to focus on and analyze during construction. When the signal is missed by the mobile phone signal jammer, that is to say, some mobile phone signals are not completely shielded, even if the shielding device is in a state of interference, it is far away from the device. When the host is very close, some mobile phones can still answer or make calls, or can still browse websites and transmit data on the Internet. So, how to analyze and judge the sources of these missing signals?

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If there are professional technicians from the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer on site, they usually carry portable spectrum analyzers. With the help of the spectrum analyzer, the technicians of the manufacturer can initially judge the specific In which frequency band the missing signal occurs. However, there are exceptions. For example, the signal strength of the base station is only slightly higher than the signal strength of the mobile phone signal jammer. At this time, it is difficult to distinguish which mobile phone frequency band has the missing signal from the frequency band waveform. In the field environment, is there any good way to easily find out which mobile phone signal frequency band has the problem of missing signals?

There is really a simple and practical method, which is to download an APP software on the tested mobile phone, the name of the software is: Cellular-Z. After the software is installed, start the "Cellular-Z" software, then turn on the mobile phone signal jammer, take the phone to the predetermined test point that needs a certain distance from the shielding device, and then carefully observe the display interface of the software, focusing on the label in one of the columns It is the following content of "NR-FREQ". If the displayed content has a specific frequency value, then the corresponding missing mobile phone frequency band has been found. If the value of this position is empty, it means that the tested frequency is at this time. The phone is completely blocked.