Can a mobile phone blocked by a full-band shielding device be cracked?

Dojammer 2022-09-08

In some special occasions, the use of mobile phones is restricted. The most common method is to install a full-band shielding device on site to block mobile phone signals. However, there are always people who think about how to crack and make their mobile phones work normally. Then the cracking method searched online is really is it okay?

If you want to crack the shielded mobile phone signal, you must first understand the working principle of the full-band shielding device, which is to emit a white noise signal of the same frequency as the mobile phone signal, thereby interfering with the mobile phone receiving the base station signal, the mobile phone shows no signal, and the service is limited, etc. Wait. The shielding range of the device depends on the transmit power of each module inside the device and the signal field strength of the base station in use. In theory, the greater the transmit power of the full-band shielding device, the greater the shielding range. The stronger the signal, the smaller the shielding range of the device.

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From the perspective of principle, it is quite difficult to crack it. Of course, there are still methods. The cracking methods found on the Internet are completely useless.

The following is an introduction to the cracking method given by professional manufacturers, for reference only

Under the premise of not damaging the equipment, if you want to restore the mobile phone signal within the shielding range of the full-band shielding device, there are only two ways. One is to take the mobile phone away from the coverage of the shielding device, and the mobile phone signal will naturally recover. . The other is to use the mobile phone normally within the shielding range of the full-band shielding device. Only the power of the transmit signal of the base station is enhanced, thereby causing the signal enhancement of the mobile phone within the shielding range. As a result, the shielding range of the full-band shielding device is reduced, and the mobile phone signal is restored at this time. Of course, this kind of operation is also relatively difficult. The establishment of a base station must be demonstrated, and the strength of the mobile phone signal transmitted by the base station is not the one you want to enhance, but it is a multi-directional consideration.

What is said on the Internet is through a series of mobile phone operation settings, such as changing the network settings to manual search and so on. But regardless of whether the network is automatically searched or manually searched, it is ultimately necessary to connect to the base station for communication. In actual operation of these two methods, the mobile phone still has no signal.