As an admissions teacher, it's not too much to bring a signal jammer

Dojammer 2022-08-08

The college entrance examination enrollment work has basically come to an end, and whoever wins the college entrance examination is gradually "surfacing". These academic tyrants have attracted much attention, especially the attention of the admissions office teachers of famous schools.

Every year after the college entrance examination, Tsinghua University and Peking University will almost stage a "snatch battle". These two colleges look serious and have a feeling of "out of reach", but when they grab people, they will lower their stature and make people feel Can't help laughing.

How fierce was Qingbei when he robbed people? Calling in the early morning is nothing, wearing a "signal jammer" is too much
Li Yanjia, a candidate from Xiangyang, Hubei, took the 2022 college entrance examination and got a good score of 691. In order to "snatch" him, Tsinghua University called his mother at three in the morning. After seeing it, many people said: Tsinghua University is really hard work .

In fact, calling in the early morning is nothing. Tsinghua and Peking University "rob people" every year. A student from Tsinghua University said that after taking the college entrance examination, his father received a call from Peking University. I know the grades, but I am willing to admit him.

Students and parents are very excited. Peking University is a famous school in China. It is an honor for students to take the initiative to invite students to enroll. Just as the parents were about to agree, the student reacted, and he felt that Tsinghua would also call him. As expected, it didn't take long for Tsinghua University to call, and said that they could tell candidates the scores of each subject in advance, and students could choose any major.

cell Signal Jammers

In the end, the student chose Tsinghua University and chose a major that he liked. It can be seen that in this competition, Tsinghua University has given better conditions than Peking University, which is one of the key reasons for Tsinghua's victory.

Another candidate said that Tsinghua and Peking University have more "excessive" behavior. His grades were very good that year. Peking University called his mother and asked him and his mother to go to the hotel to talk slowly. After going there, he found that his mobile phone had no signal. It turned out that the admissions teacher had brought a "signal jammer".

This was done to recruit the student, and the reason why the cell phone signal was blocked was for fear that the student would receive calls from other institutions. I have to admit that Tsinghua University and Peking University have tried their best to recruit high-quality students.

There is no shortage of talents in Tsinghua and Peking University, why are they so active in robbing people?
In order to recruit high-quality students. The reason why Tsinghua and Peking University are so active is mainly to have a better source of students. The quality of students will have an impact on the future development of the school.

After the examinee finds the results of the college entrance examination, they have to choose among many colleges and universities. If the colleges and universities can take the initiative, show their sincerity, and introduce their advantages to students, it is easy to obtain high-quality students.

It is good for the development of the school. Colleges and universities must keep pace with the times and keep moving forward. If students have good basic conditions, it is easier for schools to train them into talents, which not only helps students realize their dreams, but also has many benefits for the development of colleges and universities.

The school has cultivated many excellent students, the popularity will be greatly improved, and the word of mouth will become better and better, thus forming a "virtuous circle", which will be more popular with the academic bullies in the future, and will also be able to obtain more educational resources.

Which students will be "locked" in advance by Qingbei?
Guarantee students. When they were in junior high school and high school, some students were very good and achieved very good results in domestic or international competitions, such as winning the gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

For such talents, Qingbei cherishes them very much, and they will provide them with places for direct admission. For example, Wei Dongyi, who won the gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad twice in a row, with full marks, was eventually recommended to Beijing University.

To become the champion of the province. Under normal circumstances, the top 20 students in the province with the college entrance examination scores have the opportunity to be admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University, but if you want Peking University to take the initiative to contact you, the students must become the champion of the province, whether it is the champion of liberal arts or the champion of science, there is a chance. If you go directly to Tsinghua University or Peking University to study, you don't need to fill in the application form, and there are many majors you can choose from.

In order to protect the privacy of the top scorers in the college entrance examination and prevent them from being disturbed, and also to prevent some people from hyping the top scorers in the college entrance examination, many regions will protect the top scorers in the college entrance examination and make them "screened students in the college entrance examination". , that means that his grades are very good, and he may be the champion of the college entrance examination.

Finally, the editor of Dazhan Electronics wants to say that the competition between Tsinghua University and Peking University is very fierce. In order to grab high-quality students, they have come up with various methods. It is not a big deal to call students in the early morning, and there are some other Moves, such as providing preferential policies, allowing students to choose majors at will, etc., are to ensure the quality of students and improve the reputation of the school.

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