The difference between leaky cable and conventional antenna

Dojammer 2023-07-18

Why use a leaky cable without an antenna?

What is a leaky cable? How is the price/performance ratio?

What scenarios does it apply to? Compared to conventional antennas?

Let me introduce you to the 7/8 leaky cable~

What is 7/8 leaky cable?

7/8 leaky cable is the abbreviation of leaky coaxial cable (Leaky Coaxial Cable), usually referred to as leaky cable or leaky cable, its structure is basically the same as that of ordinary coaxial cable, consisting of inner conductor, insulating medium and periodic slots The outer conductor of the hole consists of three parts. While the electromagnetic wave is transmitted longitudinally in the 7/8 leaky cable, the electromagnetic wave is radiated to the outside through the slot; the external electromagnetic field can also be induced into the inside of the leaky cable through the slot and transmitted to the receiving end.

Simply put: 7/8 leaky cable is both a cable and an antenna

7/8 leaky cable and ceiling antenna application scenarios

The 7/8 leaky cable signal leaks evenly but the intensity is small and the effect of passing through the wall is weak. Therefore, in the case of use, such as: walls, pillars, partitions and other obstacles have a greater impact on the signal, so make sure that there is no obstruction in the place of use .

Although the signal distribution in the coverage area of the ceiling antenna is uneven, as long as the space attenuation is within a certain range, regardless of the signal strength, it can meet the service requirements. The impact of the material is small.

The 7/8 leaky cable is suitable for tunnels, pipe corridors, and subways where the environment is simple and there is no wall blocking, while the ceiling antenna can be applied to most scenarios.

value for money

Although the cost of 7/8 leaky cables is higher than that of feeders, they are more suitable for straight, long and unobstructed environments. They have uniform signal coverage, wide frequency of use, uniform and stable field radiation, high compressive resistance, and high tensile strength. Although the price is relatively More expensive, but when multiple systems (water level sensors, fans, pumps, survey robots, etc.) are introduced into the tunnel at the same time, the overall cost can be greatly reduced.

Comprehensive comparison

7/8 leaky cable coverage in a specific environment, the signal uniformity is relatively good and there is no switching problem, but the cost is too high, it is only applicable in some specific environments (environments similar to tunnels), and the scope of application of ordinary antennas Much wider.

The usage scenarios of 7/8 leaky cables are very limited, but they perform well in tunnels, pipe corridors, subways and other places, while the ceiling antenna can be installed flexibly and can be used in multiple scenarios.

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