How to choose a suitable full band signal jammer?

Dojammer 2023-06-19

With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, people's communication needs are getting higher and higher. However, there is also the problem of signal interference, especially in some special cases, such as hospitals, airports, military bases, etc., it is necessary to shield the full-band signals to ensure the communication safety and order. This article will guide you on how to choose a suitable full band signal jammer.

1. Understand the basic principle of signal jammer

The full-band signal jammer is also called the signal jammer, which can shield the signal of the specified frequency band. The working principle of the signal jammer is: use the signal catcher inside the jammer to generate a voltage signal after detecting the signal, then amplify the electric signal through the amplifier, and finally send it out through the shielding antenna to mask the original signal, so that the original signal cannot be received.

2. Determine the shielding area and the shielding level

First of all, it must be clarified which frequency range and which degrees of shielding must be shielded. Different application scenarios require different frequency bands and degrees of shielding. For example, hospitals need to shield high frequency bands, and military bases need to shield all signals from low frequency to high frequency and require a high level of shielding.

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3. Look at the technical parameters of the signal jammer

When choosing a full-band signal jammer, the following technical parameters must be considered:

1. Shielding area: This is one of the most critical technical parameters and it is necessary to select a full-band signal shield that covers the target frequency band.

2. Power: The higher the power, the better the shielding effect.

3. Bandwidth: The larger the bandwidth, the better the shielding effect, but the price is relatively higher.

4. Shielding level: Different application scenarios require different shielding levels, which must be selected according to actual needs.

5. Stability: Product stability can ensure long-term use, avoiding frequent replacement and maintenance.

4. Choose a manufacturer with a high reputation

When choosing a supplier of full band signal jammers, it is necessary to select a reputable supplier that one can relate to based on industry reputation and transaction records. As a professional signal jammer manufacturer, Chengdu 8341 has many years of R&D and production experience, and has a good reputation and quality products in signal jammer field.

5. Choose the signal jammer that suits you

Finally, you need to choose a signal jammer that suits you according to the specific needs of the application scenario to ensure safe and reliable communication on various occasions.

Summary: How to choose a suitable full-band signal jammer

This article describes how to choose a suitable full-band signal jammer. First, you need to understand the basic principle of the signal jammer, then determine the shielding area and shielding level, then check the technical parameters of the full-band signal jammer, choose a reputable manufacturer, and choose a signal jammer that suits you.

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