How much range can a suitcase-style signal jammer cover?

Dojammer 2022-11-07

When some customers ask us about the signal jammer instrument, they will put forward the following requirements according to the needs of the application scenario: the product needs to be portable, preferably in the style of a suitcase, can be turned on at any time, can be used at any time, and can use the built-in battery powered without the need for an external AC power source. As a manufacturer, in order to meet these functional requirements of customers, we have specially tailored suitcase-type shielding equipment. Then, the customer's subsequent question comes out: how much range can a mobile phone box-type signal shielding device cover?

According to the customer's initial idea, the appearance of this suitcase must not be too large and the weight should not be too heavy. Therefore, the selection of suitcases is limited to a certain extent. Usually, its appearance and size can only be similar to common briefcases. The weight must also be controlled within 10Kg. After the size and weight limits are set, let's analyze: what essential parts must be installed in the suitcase.

16 band adjuestable Signal Jammer

The first essential is of course the host of the signal shielding instrument, which plays a role in signal shielding, as well as the radiator and cooling fan that provide rapid heat dissipation for the host. The second is the battery that provides power for the signal shielding instrument. If the AC and DC switching power supply modes are also required at the same time, the installation of a switching power supply must also be considered. The third important component is the antenna that transmits the shielded signal, and the antenna is also divided into an omnidirectional antenna or a directional antenna according to the requirements of use.

It can be seen from the above analysis that a suitcase-type signal shielding instrument has limited space in the box. If so many important components are installed in the box, even if the components are arranged very compactly, it is still limited. Only in the suitcase, must not install the super-power signal shielding instrument.

How to know the coverage of the suitcase-style signal jammer? This is closely related to the transmit power of the shielding module used inside. According to the current design of our manufacturer, the transmit power of a single module of the shielding module that can be installed in a suitcase is generally between 10-20W. According to the test data, a signal shielding device with a 20W power amplifier is used. If it is used with an omnidirectional antenna, in a standard test environment, its coverage radius is usually between 40-60 meters. If it is replaced by a directional antenna for testing, the signal shielding distance of the suitcase-type signal shielding instrument is generally between 50-100 meters in the main action direction of the directional antenna.