The importance of fast heat dissipation for full-band signal jammers

Dojammer 2022-09-08

Midsummer June is about to usher in the annual high school entrance examination. In order to ensure the quality of the examination, many schools have already begun to prepare and arrange the examination room in advance. One of the more important tasks in the layout of the test room is to install a full-band signal blocker to block the mobile phone signal in the test room, prevent cheating through mobile phones in the test, and ensure the fairness of the test room.

6 Bands Signal Jammer

It is believed that the standard test room will basically install the test room signal blocker. However, after the machine has been used for a period of time, it will heat up, and the heat may affect the normal use of the machine. Once the heat is too late to dissipate, it will cause the frequency offset of the signal isolator. As a result, when the machine is just turned on, the mobile phone signal can be shielded normally, and some mobile phones cannot be shielded after a period of work. Therefore, the heat dissipation capacity of the full-band signal jammer should be considered when it is installed and used. There are also differences in the heat dissipation capacity of the signal isolator of the same brand. So how does the signal jammer dissipate heat? The old-fashioned signal jammer can only be lowered slowly by the natural temperature. But now, most of the signal isolators will open the cooling hole group to install the cooling fan, which can help the instrument to cool down the temperature as soon as possible. However, due to the different components used by different manufacturers, the noise levels generated by these fans are also different during operation, and the full-band signal isolator produced by Nanjing Baikang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. adopts professional circulating air duct heat dissipation. The base structure, the lower end quickly inhales the natural wind, and the upper end and both sides dissipate heat. In a high temperature environment, the heat can be quickly transferred to the heat dissipation base to avoid local accumulation of heat. The heat dissipation base is equipped with 4 fans, which can quickly blow the heat to the top, and quickly discharge it through the fans on both sides of the upper end. The cooling fan equipped with the full-band signal jammer is not only silent when working, but also has a very good heat dissipation effect and can continue to work for a long time to ensure stable output of each frequency band. It is more suitable for providing candidates with a quiet examination environment during the examination.