Can i block cell phone signals in my house

With the advent of the summer vacation, primary and secondary schools all over the world began to have holidays, and the tests for parents came one after another. What should children do if they are addicted to chatting on mobile phones, what should children do if they don’t have a good rest and play mobile games in the middle of the night? what to do? These are the questions I've been getting the most recently. When encountering such consultations, I generally recommend parents to communicate with their children so that they can learn self-discipline. However, some parents have also reflected the actual difficulties and hope to purchase a mobile phone signal blocker for home use to interfere/interrupt the mobile phone signal. Yesterday, a brother hoped that his sister could concentrate on her studies, and he sacrificed the fun of playing with his mobile phone to buy a mobile phone signal jammer, and his heart was still very warm!

Shielding range: The shielding range is proportional to the power. A low-power signal isolator is enough to install one in a room, and the shielding range is about 20 square meters; while for a high-power isolator, the shielding distance can reach 100-400 square meters. The local field strength is different or whether it needs to pass through the wall to decide (some parents will choose to install the cell phone signal jammer in their room).

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