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After the mobile phone shielding network intelligent management system has enabled the automatic query and automatic alarm functions, the system will periodically query all the mobile phone signal jammers in the complete system one by one in the selected time period (you can also specify groups or specify target points. If you encounter a cell phone signal jammer that works abnormally (the jammer fails to work properly), an alarm window will automatically pop up after the query is completed, and the situation of the abnormal cell phone signal jammer will be displayed in detail. When the alarm window pops up, a sound alarm will be provided to remind surrounding managers to check in time.

The results of each automatic query (all normal and abnormal cell phone signal jammers) will be recorded in the system log one by one, and the system administrator can filter and view the past query records and fault records at any time.

Taking into account energy saving and environmental protection and the ability to ensure the operation of this set of mobile phone shielding network intelligent management system in a truly unattended state, this set of systems has the function of "offline timing", which is based on the built-in clock of the line centralized controller. Starting the timing plan is run away from the main control software and computer, that is, it does not need to start the main control computer and the system main control software, and the line centralized controller implements the timing plan task.

If the number of points of the mobile phone signal jammer of the unit of use is too large and cannot be displayed on a single screen on the main interface of the main control software, the administrator can choose to use the "status browse" function to view the desired information by setting the filter conditions. The status information of the selected cell phone signal shielding point to be known.

12 Antennas Plus High Power Portable Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

This is currently the most powerful handheld jammer. The maximum interference range is 60 meters. Can block 12 signal bands. Use the DIP switch to select any signal frequency band.


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