Rf blocker for cell phone

Achieving a specific absorption rate (SAR), to comply with government regulations or to address consumer concerns, no longer requires a compromise between RF energy exposure levels and call quality. Exclusive to CHASM, AgeNT™ RF Shielding Film is a clear plastic film printed with a transparent conductor pattern that creates a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) that redirects RF signals into the frequency range typically emitted by cell phones. With no wiring or ground plane required, AgeNT™ RF shielding films are easy to integrate into new applications.

Radio frequency (RF) energy surrounds most people in the modern world almost constantly, which presents challenges from two perspectives. From a human perspective, few would say that they absolutely don't care about the radio waves that affect their lives. From a business perspective, engineers and companies designing RF into multiple devices require them to be cost-effective to build and use.

Given the effects on humans of so much RF energy around, few researchers have the audacity to tell people their cell phones are harming them. However, in late 2017, the California Department of Public Health issued guidelines for use.

From a business perspective, it is not surprising that cost is the main driver. Devices that communicate using RF technology must communicate efficiently while using as little power as possible. If these goals can be achieved while increasing security, then they are a classic "win-win".

In fact, RF Energy Redirection is a widely used method, from radio telescopes to the design of antenna systems for today's cell phone towers, that has been tried and tested: redirecting radio waves to the desired location. New materials make these systems better and enable new applications.

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