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According to foreign media reports, the German company Hensoldt recently released a multifunctional jammer (referred to as the KA system), which is mainly used for air platforms to deal with air defense system threats. According to reports, the characters in the full English name of the jamming system represent "artificial intelligence" and "electronic system" respectively, meaning "attack with artificial intelligence electronic system", that is, by disrupting the radio and radar signals in the available frequency bands, jamming enemy sensors and its communication, to ensure that our own side has the advantage of the electromagnetic spectrum, delaying and hindering the enemy's actions.

As a new type of airborne jamming system, the KA system uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence algorithms, active electronic scanning arrays, 3D printing and digitization. The core components include fully digital broadband sensors and effectors, electronic controllable jammers and 3D printed electronics. device. The entire system is integrated in a small pod that can be quickly installed on various aerial platforms.

The KA system is mainly used to deal with threats such as the radar signal coverage bandwidth of advanced air defense systems and fighter aircraft, the fast frequency hopping speed, and the difficulty of interference. To this end, the system combines an electronic warfare system with high-tech hardware to specifically optimize jamming frequencies, enabling it to blind enemy radar systems over a wide frequency range, or as a reconnaissance sensor in passive mode, The ultimate realization of the control of the electromagnetic spectrum. The system is suitable as a self-protection system and escort jammer for air platforms.

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