How to stop mobile phone signal

Shielding the mobile phone signal is an act of temporarily disappearing or weakening the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or method. We will introduce some methods and equipment for blocking mobile phone signals. I hope you can learn about the information related to blocking mobile phone signals through the introduction of Xiaobian.

There are many kinds of mobile phone signal shielding equipment, generally handheld, wearable, and launching desktop. The general shielding range of mobile phone signal shielding equipment on the market is 500 meters. The working principle of the mobile phone signal shielding device: It searches and interferes with the mobile phone communication signal through the signals of some other bands sent by the mobile phone signal shielding device, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the communication base station normally. To achieve the purpose of not being able to receive or send information and make calls normally. Mobile phone signal shielding equipment is generally used for large-scale examinations such as the college entrance examination and the national civil service examination, as well as state secret projects. For example: the research and development of new products of military enterprises.

12 Antennas Plus High Power Portable Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

This is currently the most powerful handheld jammer. The maximum interference range is 60 meters. Can block 12 signal bands. Use the DIP switch to select any signal frequency band.


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