How to block cell phone reception in a room

High-performance cell phone signal jammer (all-in-one) is a high-performance, highly integrated new generation of mobile phone signal jammer equipment, which can realize all the 2G, 3G, 4G of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Standard and Wi-Fi signals (optional) are shielded.

The high-performance mobile phone signal jammer (all-in-one) is composed of 6 shielding channels, and the signal output connector adopts SMA connector, which can be connected to omnidirectional/directional antenna. LED indicators are integrated on the front of the device to display device power, operating status and alarm information.

Indicator light identification:

"Running", the indicator light is always on, it means the device is working; flashing means it is in standby; off means it is not running or the indicator light display function is turned off. "Alarm", when the indicator is off, it means there is no fault. Steady light indicates that the device is faulty. Please cooperate with the software to check the fault type and handling measures.

Power up the device:

1. Refer to the label below the SMA antenna interface to install and tighten the corresponding antenna.

2. Connect 24V DC power supply and RS485 bus (optional).

3. After the device is powered on, the device enters the working state, and the output power of the device is determined by the control parameters.

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