No signal service in school

On May 13th, some netizens broke the news that in order to develop the charged Wi-Fi on campus, Shaanxi International Business College even interfered with the networks of other operators through technical means, which also led to Shaanxi International Business College students complaining about the 4G network. The signal in the school is too poor! Interested friends, may wish to come to know.

It is reported that after Shaanxi International Business College opened the paid campus WiFi service, the network speed of China Mobile and others has deteriorated. It shows that there is a 4G network, but it is unable to access the Internet. WeChat, maps, etc. cannot be used.

In response, China Mobile's customer service staff responded that the mobile side has arranged for network engineers to conduct on-site surveys, because the school has developed its own charging business, and since March 18 this year, it has interfered with the mobile signal.

In response to this statement, the teacher in charge of WiFi in the school said, "traffic is traffic, WiFi is WiFi, it has nothing to do with us, why do you say it has something to do with us, can I control them or they can control me, let 10086 give it to me Call!" In addition, judging from the feedback from students, the school's campus network fee is 200 yuan for 3 months.

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