Do hospitals use cell phone jammers

Many hospitals have rules against cellphone use out of concern that cellphone radiation could interfere with the proper functioning of various life-saving equipment, such as heart monitors and ventilators. Now, research finds it makes sense to ban cellphones in hospitals, especially wards. cell phone jammer

Dr. davidl.haye of Mayo Hospital in Minnesota pointed out that little research has been done on this phenomenon in the past, and many hospitals do so only as a theoretical risk.

The researchers evaluated six different models of cell phones, two analog and four digital. It found that 41% of the devices used to treat heart or lung disease were disrupted by cellphones, or seven out of 17 devices. In a total of 526 experiments on the instrument, the interference rate was 55%.

In the worst-case scenario, a cell phone actually caused a ventilator to stop working. However, this only occurs when the phone is less than 2 inches away from the communication interface on the back of the ventilator.

In practice, it is generally not possible for a cell phone held by a patient or visitor to be near the back of the ventilator. Likewise, in a ward or nurse center studio, if the cell phone in use is kept a reasonable distance (about 5 feet) from the instrument being worked, it is generally unlikely that a serious failure will occur.

The report noted that when the phone was removed or turned off from close range, the ventilator started working normally again.

The most common problem is the interference of the cell phone with the electrocardiograph. This interference can be detected when the phone is 7 feet away. But even in the worst-case scenario, such interference is not large enough to have serious clinically meaningful effects. Overall, only about 7.4% of all experiments conducted had clinically significant consequences.

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