How to block cell phone service?

This problem can be solved simply. The original poster should focus on all service information, not on individuals. Shielding method: enter information (some are wap), options, settings, service information, and adjust it to "service information off".

Of course, if you are shielding other people's signals, you need a mobile phone signal jammer, because in this case we won't be able to touch other people's mobile phones. So rely on the power of technology.

New 12 Antenna High Power 3G 4G 5G Cell Phone Signal Jammer

12 antennas signal Jammer

This powerful new signal jammer is designed with 12 antennas and has multiple functions. It can cut off all 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone signals, and it can also block LOJACK GPS WiFi signals.


The Latest Handheld High Power 4G Mobile Signal Jammer

4G Signal Jammers

A new type of 8-band portable jammer. It has a larger interference range. It can be hung on the arm, using a separate control button, you can select the frequency band to interfere.


12 Antennas Plus High Power Portable Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

This is currently the most powerful handheld jammer. The maximum interference range is 60 meters. Can block 12 signal bands. Use the DIP switch to select any signal frequency band.


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