Interrupt cell phone signal

Under what circumstances will the call signal attenuate? It has a great influence on environmental factors. You should have experienced that the phone signal is not good. If you are in a relatively remote place, in a village in a city, or in a densely housed area, there may be a problem with a bad phone signal. The mobile phone signal solution expert will give you advice. We can start from Three ways to enhance the signal.

Choose high places to use your phone

Sometimes the mobile phone on the first floor is often in a state of no signal, but when the mobile phone is brought to a higher floor, the signal of the mobile phone is basically three or four bars, and it is relatively stable (but relatively troublesome, you have to go to the high floor every time answer the phone)

Can switch to different mobile network operators

There are three major domestic network operators, namely China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. These three network signals are all existing by colleagues. For example, when you use a mobile network, the signal is not good, but Unicom Telecom's signal is good. If you have the conditions, you may wish to use a telecom or Unicom card to solve the problem of poor mobile phone signal in many cases.

Cell phone signal booster

At present, the hot-selling Lintron technology cell phone signal booster is highly sought after by people in remote villages, basements, and home fire communities with weak cell phone signal. The cell phone signal booster can enhance the signals of the surrounding three major operators, so that the cell phone can receive strong signals, thereby improving Network quality and calls help people solve the problem of no signal on mobile phones.

5G Wi-Fi GPS full-band antenna 22 mobile phone jammer blocker

This is the newly designed 22-antenna all-in-one mobile phone 5GLTE GSM 3G 4GLTE signal jammer, which brings us powerful interference capabilities. It can not only cut off all 5G 3G 4G mobile phone signals, but also block Wi-Fi2.4G / 5GHz GPS RF 315 MHz 433MHz, VHF UHF walkie-talkie and wireless headset/microphone signals.

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High performance Wi-Fi 3G 4G desktop jammer with 12 antennas

12 antennas full bands mobile phone GSM 3G 4GLTE signal that brings us strong interfering signals. And not only can it cut off all 3G 4G cellphone signals, but also Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK, RF 315MHz 433MHz, UHF walkie-talkie & wireless headset / microphone signals.

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