Cell phone reception killer

Metals such as aluminum, copper, iron, and steel are the biggest killers of mobile phone signals. There is no one. If there is a metal shed on the roof of the house where you live, it will be difficult to reach the mobile phone signal. In addition, metal objects in your home can also cause mobile phone signals. distortion.

Ways to improve cell phone signal

1. Use the coverage check tool to switch mobile network providers based on your region.

2. Change the position where the mobile phone receives the signal and stay away from the building or obstacle that blocks the signal.

3. Avoid using electronic devices (laptops, ipads, and microwave ovens) to interfere with cell phone signals.

4. The way you hold the phone may also interfere with the signal reception. Therefore, please be careful not to cover the antenna of the phone when holding the phone.

5. When the cell phone signal is poor, we can also enhance the cell phone signal by installing a cell phone signal amplifier.

High Quality Adjustable 8 Antennas Desktop Wi-Fi Cell Phone Jammer

This is the first ever jammer with the ability to jam more advanced WIFI frequencies working on 5GHz spectrum. The 5GHz band operates at three standards: 802.11ac, 802.11a and 802.11n.

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High performance Wi-Fi 3G 4G desktop jammer with 12 antennas

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