Can you block cell phone reception?

Now is the age of information, mobile phone harassment text messages are hard to guard against, and spam text messages always have channels to find you. These text messages not only take up memory, but may also carry viruses, threatening the security of the mobile phone system. How to do it? I can’t stop receiving any text messages. The mobile phone’s security butler can actually solve this problem, and it feels so powerful.

Open the homepage of the mobile phone manager, which is the comprehensive physical examination page, as shown in the figure below, and click the personal center icon in the upper right corner of the page to enter the personal settings page. As shown in the picture below, Tencent Mobile Phone Manager.

Find out the setting of this function from the interface of the personal center, as shown in the figure. Different versions of the butler may have different locations.

Reach the setting interface below, as shown in the figure below, slide down the screen, find the item "Secure SMS", and click to enter.

As shown in the figure, find "Enable Secure SMS", click to open this function, and you will get a pop-up window interface.

You can choose two options: Default SMS and Use System SMS. System SMS means no secure SMS is set. You can judge for yourself whether you should set up secure SMS.

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