Smartphone signal scrambler device

Compared with the traditional jammer, with the same output power of 8W, the shielding distance of the smartphone signal jammer is more than ten times that of the traditional jammer.

Harmless to the human body: passive shielding, green shielding, no harm to the human body, less than one thousandth of the radiation of the traditional shielding device.

Unique signaling-level interference technology, fully synchronized base station commands, higher shielding accuracy and better shielding effect.

Does not interfere with the base station: because the device adopts passive shielding, the transmitted interference signal is K-level signal (traditional shielding is generally M-level), plus advanced time division synchronization technology, which perfectly solves the problem in the field of mobile phone signal shielding for many years. An important problem, without any interference to the uplink signal of the base station.

Remote monitoring: You can remotely control the equipment to start interference/end interference/channel interference, frequency and power adjustment, and equipment self-check.

Algorithm interference: 4G uses unique algorithm interference to improve the interference effect

Support WIFI2.4G+WIFI5.8G

The fuselage panel is designed with indicator lights, which can display the device status at any time:

GSM 3G WIFI GPS Bluetooth frequencise 5 antenna video signal jammer

5 Bands Handheld Jammer

It can be used on all types of Android phones, tablets, smart phones, iPhones, Win phones, etc. The popular GSM, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless signals in 2016 and later.


8 antennas effective interference 2G 3G 4G GPS WIFI signals jammer

High Power Portable blocker

This is a wifi jammer that can be used outdoors for a long time. It has a large capacity battery of 8000 mAh. It has a larger interference range than other 8-channel handheld jammers.


Mini cell phone GSM 3G (UMTS) GPS WIFI jammer hidden type jamming device

Mini WIFI Jammer

This small GSM 3G GPS WIFI jammer has a built-in rechargeable battery, and the attached car adapter can charge the device and use it in the car.Very convenient to use.


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