Signal scrambling in meeting room

When it comes to conference rooms, they are generally divided into large, medium and small conference rooms according to the size of the area. Before installing the conference room signal jammer, the test methods for these three types of conference room signal jammers are also different, and the environments of these three types of conference rooms are also completely different.

The small meeting room is relatively small, the environment is relatively simple, and the requirements are not very high. During the test, you only need to place the conference room signal jammer on the desktop against the wall, and then test whether the mobile phone is disturbed at the farthest distance from the conference room signal jammer.

Medium-sized conference rooms are generally located on relatively high floors. The higher the floor, the stronger the signal from the base station to the conference room. In addition, there are basically indoor signal amplification systems in the building. It is necessary to test the signal strength of various frequency bands separately. , and then adjust the conference room signal jammer, or increase the power of some frequency bands to meet the interference requirements of mobile phone signals in medium-sized conference rooms. Use a low-power conference room shielding device to shield relatively weak mobile phone signals.

A large conference room can also be called a venue, which refers to a place that can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of people, such as the Great Hall of the People. The conference room isolators used in such large venues are not ordinary low-power isolators. A high-power conference room shielding device is required to meet the purpose of covering the mobile phone signal of the entire venue, and it is also necessary to adjust the signal strength of the transmitting signal source according to the signal strength of all mobile phone signal frequency bands within the tested venue range to reduce the venue. The purpose of the mobile phone signal inside, so that the conference room jammer can play the biggest role.

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