Signal scramblers in church

The effective shielding range of the church 4G signal jammer will vary in different use sites. This is closely related to the signal field strength at the scene. Mobile phones of different standards may not necessarily have the same shielding range at the same site;

Factors affecting the shielding range include but are not limited to: distance from the base station, orientation, no obstacles, wall material of the on-site building, installation height of the shielding device, installation specifications, etc.;

The equipment has undergone strict testing and aging before leaving the factory, but it does not rule out that the equipment may be damaged during transportation. If the customer receives the goods, shakes the equipment gently and hears the sound of parts falling off, please stop using it and contact the distributor. dealers or manufacturers for immediate maintenance;

The normal installation height is 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. Try to install it in a position where there are no obstacles between it and the target shielding area. For wall-mounted installation, the antenna is required to be vertically upward. When placed on a desktop, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward. There must be no AC power lines or other audio and video lines within 0.2 meters of the antenna.

During use, in order to avoid possible interference to some electronic devices, try to keep more than 1 to 2 meters away from the following common devices: speakers, wireless microphones, radios, computers, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, etc.;

Application field of church 4G signal jammer

This product is small in size and easy to use. It can be used in a variety of environments with different areas through independent and distributed distribution. Mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, courts, meeting places, libraries, theaters, churches, gas stations, oil depots, gas stations, hospitals and other places that require confidentiality, quietness, riot control and interference prevention.

New 10 Antenna Cell Phone WiFi Jammer

The hand-held signal jammer is a high-tech product that our factory adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, according to the continuous development of communication standards, according to the actual situation of wireless communication at home and abroad; it can effectively screen (CDMA/GSM/DCS/2G/3G) /4G/5G/WIFI) and other wireless signals, and have no negative impact or interference on the communication and transmission of other electronic devices around.

$399.99 $619.99

Portable cell phone WiFi signal jammer for LTE/4G/GPS with 6 powerful antennas

Portable jammers for cell phones 6 antennas, signal blockers for cellular networks VHF / WiFi / GPS / UMTS / LTE4G / CDMA Portable cell phone blockers, range 30m, efficient cooling saves energy.
Blocking frequencies optional: GPS / GSM / UMTS / LTE4G / UHF / WIFI

$299.99 $429.12

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