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The price of cell phone signal jammers varies according to different uses. For example, GPS cell phone signal jammers are specially used for mortgage car services, and the price is very cheap, roughly around 150 yuan. Small power and medium power, high power, the price will be a little more expensive.

The price of low power is between 300-700 yuan, the price of medium power is about 700-1000 yuan, and the price of high power is more than 1200 yuan. The price of the built-in mobile phone signal jammer will be relatively high, such as the one that is hung on the wall, the price is very cheap, because the shell of the built-in mobile phone signal jammer is plastic and the cost is relatively low, and the external mobile phone signal shielding The housing is aluminum alloy.

New 10 Antenna Cell Phone WiFi Jammer

The hand-held signal jammer is a high-tech product that our factory adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, according to the continuous development of communication standards, according to the actual situation of wireless communication at home and abroad; it can effectively screen (CDMA/GSM/DCS/2G/3G) /4G/5G/WIFI) and other wireless signals, and have no negative impact or interference on the communication and transmission of other electronic devices around.

$399.99 $619.99

Portable cell phone WiFi signal jammer for LTE/4G/GPS with 6 powerful antennas

Portable jammers for cell phones 6 antennas, signal blockers for cellular networks VHF / WiFi / GPS / UMTS / LTE4G / CDMA Portable cell phone blockers, range 30m, efficient cooling saves energy.
Blocking frequencies optional: GPS / GSM / UMTS / LTE4G / UHF / WIFI

$299.99 $429.12

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