Cinema Shielding System Solutions

Dojammer 2022-02-09

1. Demand analysis

In the information age, with the rapid development of communication technology, mobile communication tools have become an indispensable tool for people's daily work and life. With the wide application of mobile communication tools, there are also some problems that cannot be ignored:

During the screening or performance of the theater, the mobile phone suddenly rings to disrupt the order or the scene environment
Under normal circumstances, theaters should maintain a relatively quiet atmosphere during screenings or performances, but sometimes because the audience's mobile phone forgets to mute the mobile phone, the mobile phone suddenly rings, which is embarrassing for oneself, and the environment in the theater. to unnecessary interference. In particular, some audience members even made funny or funny ringtones on their mobile phones, and some audience members even made calls directly in the theater.

When the leader is speaking or speaking, the mobile phone suddenly rings, leaving a bad impression on the leader

Sometimes the movie is also used as a large venue. During the meeting, the leader speaks or speaks on the rostrum. When the individual mobile phone under the seat rings, the leader's speech is interrupted. The person whose mobile phone is ringing must feel guilty that the mobile phone should not be ringing. When the time comes, your impression in the eyes of the leaders will be greatly reduced, and it will seriously affect your personal future. What's more, you will lose your future or lose your black hat!

Answering the mobile phone during the meeting or frequently entering and leaving the venue because of the mobile phone
In some large-scale conferences, the participants are often high-level and well-known figures belonging to external units. They are often reluctant to turn off their mobile phones during the meeting due to their work or personal affairs, but they do not consciously turn off their mobile phones. Turning it to mute resulted in frequent calls from cellphones during the meeting. Some people even dialed and answered their cellphones directly. If they paid a little attention, they would cut off the call, but they were uneasy because of the incoming call, so they got up and dialed the call outside the venue. As a result, the venue went in and out, the noise was constant, and the order of the venue was difficult to maintain.

6 Bands Signal Jammer

How to effectively prevent the abuse of mobile phones in theaters, ensure order, and allow normal meetings to continue in a quiet and serious atmosphere, so that audiences are not disturbed when watching movies and enjoying cultural performances. In the case of turning the mobile phone to mute or vibrating, only by means of hardware, install the mobile phone signal shielding system in the appropriate position in the theater to block the mobile phone signal. cell phone jammer

3. The advantages of the theater mobile phone signal shielding intelligent management system

1. There is no need to arrange control lines, and the installation and construction are simple

2. The software is centrally controlled and managed, and the electronic map is simple and clear

3. Master the operation status and failure of the mobile phone signal jammer, real-time query and automatic query, automatic alarm

4. The log function is helpful for tracking and troubleshooting

3. Application places

It can be widely used in the judicial industry (prisons, detention centers, labor camps, public security, courts, and procuratorates), the education industry (campus examination rooms, classrooms, dormitories, various social test centers, training institutions), party and government organs, and public institutions. Conference rooms. Factories, workshops, production lines, troops and important confidential places. Movie theaters, concert halls.

Conference room signal shielding system Disadvantages of the signal jammer using frequency sweep and then jamming