Conference room signal shielding system

Dojammer 2022-02-09

1. Project requirements

Usually, in order to maintain the seriousness of the meeting and the confidentiality of the information, during the meeting, the mobile phone is required to be muted or turned off. However, there are many cases where you forget to adjust the volume or turn off your mobile phone. Once the mobile phone rings, it will bring embarrassment to yourself, and it will also bring unnecessary interference to the iron sequence of the venue. If it is when the leader is speaking or when the staff of the external unit participates in the meeting, the ringing of the mobile phone will interrupt the leader's speech, and it will also damage the image of the unit.

In order to effectively prevent the abuse of mobile phones in the meeting, ensure the iron order of the venue, so that the normal meeting can continue in a quiet and serious atmosphere. When the participants can no longer consciously turn off their mobile phones, they can only use hardware means in the venue area. Block cell phone signals in a small area.

12 Bands Signal Jammer

2. System realization function

●Can effectively shield CDMA/GSM/PHS/3G/4G/WIFI and other mobile phones.

●Only shield the signal of communication tools such as mobile phones, without affecting the normal work of other electronic equipment

●The mobile phone jammer terminal is an environmentally friendly product, the electromagnetic radiation is lower than the national standard, and it is harmless to the human body

●Shield the mobile phone signal within the small specification and do not interfere with the mobile phone communication in other areas.

●All shielding points are networked for unified control, which can be manually controlled remotely, without the need for human-attended timing and automatic control.

●The working status of each controlled device and shielding device can be monitored at any time. If the shielding device is damaged or cannot work normally, the system will automatically feedback the fault information to the manager.

●The whole shielding system can work stably for a long time.

When testing the interference effect of the signal jammer on the remote control, what should be paid attention to? Cinema Shielding System Solutions