Disadvantages of the signal jammer using frequency sweep and then jamming

Dojammer 2022-02-09

1. For the actual combat scene of bomb disposal and EOD, if the signal jammer first scans suspicious frequency points and then activates the jamming signal to suppress, there will be a time difference, even if the gap of the time difference reaches the microsecond level, once there is interference to suppress the remote control signal If it is not timely, the consequences will be extremely serious.

2. Also for the EOD site, the current remote control technology can achieve wide-band frequency hopping or multi-frequency remote control. When there is a multi-frequency and frequency-hopping wireless frequency band, if the signal jammer first sweeps the frequency and then outputs the frequency The width will be greatly widened, and the shielding or interference suppression distance will be greatly reduced.

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

3. For the application of anti-terrorism scenarios, if terrorists use mobile phones to communicate or use mobile phones to detonate remotely, etc., the frequency sweeping method cannot identify and discover all the mobile phones, even if all the shielding modules of the signal jammer are manually blocked. Open, its bandwidth will be stretched too wide, and the distance of interference shielding will be close to zero. Everyone understands: the current mobile phone frequency is from 800MH-5900MH, and there will be 6G in the future.

4. Regarding the signal jammers that are often turned on as mentioned by others, the energy consumption is relatively large, and if the frequency is scanned and then interfered, the energy consumption is relatively low. In fact, the amount of energy consumption is related to preventing a terrorist incident. Not worth mentioning in comparison. The prevention of terrorism is of course the most important thing to ensure the safety of life!

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