The shielding instrument is used in many countries

Dojammer 2021-12-14

Mexico will shield wireless signals from prisons with a backpack-type shielding device

The Mexican Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) began to solicit public comments and suggestions on the draft bill for shielding prisons and juvenile detention centers with shielding devices.

The new regulations are formulated to provide relevant regulations on the technical specifications of the wireless communication equipment of the backpack shielding device, the working conditions and prohibitions of the backpack shielding device, and the method of checking whether the backpack shielding device meets the specifications.

Russian college entrance examinations also use full-band jammers to prevent cheating

Cheating is the enemy of maintaining fairness in examinations. The Russian education department has used full-band jammers to combat cheating and maintain fairness.

According to the Examination Bulletin issued by the Russian Federal Education Agency, this year's examination rooms in many regions have newly installed full-band jammer equipment and video surveillance systems. Preliminary statistics show that the rate of cheating in the college entrance examination this year has dropped significantly compared with last year.

The judicial examination is equipped with a full-band signal blocker according to the college entrance examination standard

The 2015 National Judicial Examination will be held today and tomorrow. It is estimated that 32,000 candidates will take the exam in the Beijing examination area, and the number of candidates will hit a record high. This year, each test center will refer to the college entrance examination standard to anti-cheating, and each test center will be equipped with a full-band signal shield.

For the judicial examination this year, the relevant departments of this city and the Beijing Education Examination Institute jointly organized the organization and implementation of the examination for the first time, and all examination centers were standardized. Each standardized test center is equipped with a variety of anti-cheat equipment in accordance with the standards of the college entrance examination, especially the full-band signal jammer is arranged in each test room to realize signal shielding in all directions without dead spots.

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