Is there a bomb in the badminton hall? Explosion-proof car/signal jamming car ready to start

Dojammer 2021-12-14

"A coach from the Nanjing Badminton Sports School told me that there is a backpack in the badminton hall with a bomb in it. Go quickly." At 5 o'clock in the afternoon on April 5, the 110 command center of Nanjing Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province received a policeman. Affection. The policeman on duty at the Zhongshanqiao Police Service Station of the Gulou Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene and evacuated more than 200 people in the badminton hall. And enable the signal jammer car to prevent remote control bombs. When contacting the policeman to inquire about the specific situation, the other party turned the police off. The EOD police carried a backpack-type shield and search dogs for an hour and found no suspicious explosives.

That night, the police arrested the reporter Zhu in Qixia District. It is understood that a friend of Zhu's was a coach at a badminton school. Zhu refused to borrow money from him many times, so he "played a joke" to retaliate. The bomb incident was completely untrue. On the afternoon of the 6th, Zhu was under criminal detention on suspicion of fabricating false terrorist information.

Really have a bomb

Scary! The badminton hall is full of children

At 5:20 pm on the 5th, the Zhongshanqiao Police Service Station of the Gulou Public Security Bureau received an order from the 110 command center: a man called the police that a coach from the badminton school on Rehe South Road told him that there was a man in the badminton hall. The backpack contains bombs, and there is a danger of explosion at any time. The police quickly drove the signal to interfere with the vehicle and proceeded for disposal.

This matter is not trivial! Officer Cai at the police station immediately ordered the special police to carry the backpack-type shield to the badminton school in two minutes. At this time, there were many teenage children in the school’s badminton hall practicing badminton, including the parents accompanying them. More than 200 people.

On the one hand, the police found the principal and the coach of the sports school, and on the other hand, they immediately contacted the policeman to inquire about the specific location of the explosives. At this time, the policeman's mobile phone turned off unexpectedly!

Due to the serious circumstances of the case, the police immediately evacuated the personnel and asked the principal to organize personnel to cooperate with the evacuation. The children and parents also cooperated very well and evacuated to the exit in an orderly manner. Some children also bounced and said: "It's a fire drill!"

evacuation! More than 200 people evacuated in 5 minutes

In order to be able to evacuate quickly and safely and prevent someone from thinking that the exercise is not obeying the command, the police and school staff directly told everyone aloud that they received a warning about explosives, please leave the scene quickly. More than 200 people were evacuated, and it took only 5 minutes to leave a badminton in the stadium. After the venue was closed, many heavily armed police stood inside and outside.

It can be seen from the periphery that there are many police cars parked in front of the badminton sports school, including special police explosion-proof vehicles and signal jamming vehicles. Two special police officers armed with guns and live ammunition were guarded at the left and right sides of the school gate with backpack-type shields on their backs. On the campus, some policemen are discussing deployment and control, and some keep in touch with the outside world by telephone. Police from various parties including the Criminal Police Brigade, Public Security Brigade, and Erbanqiao Police Station also arrived at the scene. Police from the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Special Police Detachment Security Inspection and Detonation Brigade also arrived at the scene to start work. For a time, the police lights at the school gate flickered, and people passing by were surprised to see such a big movement at the school gate.

search! No suspicious objects were found in the Explosive Search Dogs

Afterwards, a police car with an iron cage at the rear drove into the courtyard. The police opened the back door and jumped out of the car with two explosive detection dogs. The two police officers led them, searching and screening the badminton hall and surrounding places and facilities one by one, including the trash cans and lockers in and around the badminton hall. None of them were spared.

After about an hour of search, no suspicious objects were found. Since the caller's phone has been turned off, the suspected false police is very high. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the badminton hall alert was removed.

I see

Man refused to borrow money and reported false police to "retaliate" against friend

This police situation used dozens of police forces and multiple types of police; signal jamming vehicles, explosion-proof vehicles, backpack-type jammers and other explosion-proof equipment. Moreover, the number of people evacuated was large, which consumed a large amount of public resources and disrupted the normal order of the badminton school. The Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Gulou Criminal Police Brigade launched an investigation on the reporter that night. At 8 o'clock that night, the reporter Zhu was controlled by the police at his home in Qixia District.

After Zhu was taken to the police station, he was interrogated and confessed the fact that he had reported to the false police. Zhu had a friend relationship with a coach of the school, and had repeatedly borrowed money and was refused. In order to retaliate against this friend, he reported to the fake police that he had explosives and "fixed" the friend.

A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News learned from the Gulou police that at present, Zhu has been under criminal detention by the police on suspicion of fabricating false terrorist information. At present, the case is still under further investigation and processing.

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