These charging methods are very harmful to mobile phones

Dojammer 2021-12-07

Poor charging habits have harmed your mobile phone, reducing the life of the rechargeable battery, charging properly, and bypassing the misconceptions of charging. Have you ever been recruited for these types of charging methods that damage your mobile phone?

1. Charging the most harmful mobile phone

1. Charge while using your phone

When the mobile phone is being charged and used, the current from the charger is divided into two parts, one is to the rechargeable battery, and the other is to reach all the normal applications of the mobile phone, where the whole process will cause a lot of heat.

If the mobile phone is often charged while being used, it is likely to reduce the number of battery cycles when the mobile phone is hot, and there is even a risk of explosion when the temperature is overheated. If there is an emergency to solve, you should pay attention to the temperature change of the phone. If you encounter abnormal hot conditions, you should stop it immediately and apply it after the temperature recovers.

2. Often charge when the battery is too low

At this stage, most of the mobile phone rechargeable batteries are lithium batteries, which have no memory effect. If the mobile phone is used up and recharged, it will damage the organic chemical specificity of the lithium battery. The battery of mobile phones is often too low, which is likely to cause problems such as slow charging and reduced battery cycles.

Therefore, proper charging is habitual to use and use at any time, store the battery of the mobile phone above 20%, and do not need to wait for the battery to be too low before charging.

3. Wrong charging process

When charging, plug in the phone first, which may cause a surge. After the charging is completed, first pull out the switch power supply, which may cause damage to the phone. It is suggested that when charging, first plug in the switching power supply and plug in the mobile phone from the back. When it is flooded, unplug the mobile phone first and then the switching power supply.

4. Do not use genuine chargers

The genuine charger of the mobile phone is based on the design of the mobile phone itself, which can better maintain the rechargeable battery. In addition, the charging protocol of different well-known brand chargers is different from the manufacturing specifications and models. The interoperability of chargers is likely to cause problems such as the inability to quickly charge during charging and the phone's hotness.

In addition, don't use fake or shoddy chargers, which may cause damage to the mobile phone rechargeable battery or other components.

Two, mobile phone battery-saving tips

1. Turn on dark mode

The dark mode is a new and more fashionable function recently. It has the characteristics of reducing the power consumption of the display and increasing the battery life. When the dark mode is turned on, the display is dominated by dark gray and black, and the visual effect is not dazzling. It can be stronger Protect eyesight.

2. Turn on the automatic adjustment of display brightness

The rechargeable battery consumes too fast, which is very related to the brightness of the display. Why not dim the display in our daily applications? You can also set the mobile phone to automatically adjust the display brightness, so that the mobile phone display can be fully automated with the surrounding environment Brighten or darken.

In addition, setting the time of "automatic screen rest" to be shorter, and turning off the display after using the phone, can also reduce the power consumption of the display very well.

3. Turn off redundant automatic upgrades immediately

WLAN, mobile phone Bluetooth, data network, network hotspot sharing resources, etc., if they are always on, it will grow time to manage and occupy the CPU in the background to increase the power consumption of the phone. Therefore, this function can be temporarily turned off when there is no application, and it must be turned on. wifi jammer

4. Turn off the automatic upgrade of mobile phone software

Frequent automatic upgrades of mobile phone software will quietly manage the power consumption in the background, so we can turn off the automatic upgrade of mobile phone software, such as turning off the automatic association of the application store, automatic upgrade of the game hall, etc., until the battery is sufficient, and then upgrade the mobile phone software.

5. Turn off push messages of useless apps

I receive pop-up messages from various APPs every three to five times on my mobile phone, which not only consumes the battery and total data of the mobile phone, but also continues to affect everyone.

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