Where can I buy home cell phone signal jammers?

Dojammer 2021-11-30

Where are shielding devices available in the market?

As the name implies, it means to shield wireless signals. The English name of the jammer is JAMMER. It is also called signal countermeasure equipment, signal containment control system, signal suppressor, signal blocker, signal shielder, signal jammer, signal driver in China. Separator, etc. are called different in each place. According to the function or purpose, the jammer is divided into radio frequency signal jammer, mobile phone signal jammer, GPS signal jammer, wifi signal jammer, UHF/VHF explosion-proof jammer, Multiple wireless signal shielding categories such as recording jammer, test room jammer, car jammer, etc.

4G Signal Jammer

main indicators:

Product model: JW-N8G 8-way handheld signal jammer

Product color: army green

Shielding signal: full frequency mobile phone signal 4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4G/5.8G or GPS/Beidou navigation

Transmitting power: 0.7W per segment, total output power 5.6W (not including antenna gain)

Shielding distance: 2-20 meters (varies by signal strength or use environment changes)

Shielding angle: horizontal 360 º (appropriate installation height is about 2 meters)

Indication function: charging and discharging, LED light indication of the working status of each channel

Endurance time: Built-in large-capacity lithium battery can work continuously for 1.5 hours, stand by for 180 days, and the full charge time is about 4 hours

Product size: 163x85x47 mm (not including antenna length)

Host weight: about 0.5kg

Use environment: -40℃/60℃

Packing details: main shield x1, omnidirectional antenna x8, charger x1, DC12V car charging cable x1, nylon protective cover x1

Before choosing a mobile phone signal jammer, how to test the local signal strength?

The interference effect of the signal jammer is determined by the signal strength of the environment in which it is used. The shielding distance indicated by the manufacturer is usually based on the signal strength of -75dbm. Therefore, what type of jammer to choose, you need to know the local signal strength, otherwise there will be no effect or Unsatisfactory situation. The stepped signal icon is just an icon displayed on the front end of the mobile phone system, and the response is the "dBm" value. Chinese means milliwatt decibel, which is a unit of signal strength commonly used by mobile phones. dBm is calculated by logarithm, so the displayed dBm are all negative numbers.

Generally speaking, if the dBm value displayed by the mobile phone is between -80 and -50, then the signal is good, and the call and Internet can be normal. If the value is below -90dbm, it is relatively low, and it is very likely that the call will drop during the call; if it is -100, it is recommended to go to sleep at night or turn on the flight mode, otherwise the power consumption and radiation will be large! Most Android phones can check the signal strength of the phone through the steps of [Settings]-[About Phone]-[Status]-SIM Card Information. How to check the iPhone?

Let’s take the iPhone XS as an example. The user can enter the code "*3001#12345#*" in the dial interface, then click the dial button, and click the "Serving Cell Meas" interface in the opened interface to view "rsrp0" and "Serving Cell Meas" respectively. "rsrp1" The signal strength value of the main card and the sub card.

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