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On what occasions will the drone detection and countermeasure equipment be installed and equipped?

Dojammer 2021-11-30

What are the important contents of the "Opinions on the Installation and Installation of UAV Detection and Countermeasure Equipment" issued by the Ministry of Public Security?

In 2018, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Opinions on the Installation and Installation of UAV Detection and Countermeasure Equipment", which clearly stated that in order to effectively improve the ability and level of public security organs to prevent and respond to important goals and major activities of UAV intrusion, and to achieve key points Normal automatic patrol and control of parts, temporary on-site mobile countermeasures, speed up the advancement of UAV detection countermeasures equipment installation requirements. It is required to target the following areas before May 2019: the core area of ​​the party, government and army, the residence of the chief, the periphery of the guard line involved in foreign affairs and other major security tasks, nuclear power plants, oil refinery storage tanks and other flammable and explosive hazardous areas, and major events. UAV equipment will be installed in places, etc.

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