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How to apply the UAV jamming system to the military field?

Dojammer 2021-11-30

Armenia and Azerbaijan are two small countries with a population of less than a few million, but their sudden outbreak of war has attracted a lot of attention. Azerbaijan has invested a large number of drones in the war and military field, and finally won a beautiful victory. I can sigh that the development of science and technology in the present age has reached another level compared with our previous war series. According to real statistics, Azerbaijan has destroyed nearly 130 tanks on the land of the enemy Armenia. This data alone is surprising.

Handheld UAV Signal Jammer

Does the application of drones really play such a big role, or we ask whether we can effectively target the countermeasure systems for drones?

UAV countermeasures equipment is becoming more and more mature, and it is the first weapon against UAVs

The electromagnetic suppression signal vehicle-mounted Drone jammer equipment is the latest UAV countermeasure vehicle-mounted system, with an effective shielding distance of up to 1.5 kilometers, and an early warning monitoring range of 360°. It also includes vehicle modification, display control system, UAV passive early warning and discovery system, UAV active radar detection system, directional precision jamming system, omnidirectional active defense system, photoelectric detection and tracking system, UAV portable jamming equipment, The vehicle-mounted power supply system is specifically composed of a vehicle, a reconnaissance antenna array, a reconnaissance control host, a display control terminal, an interference antenna, photoelectric tracking equipment, GPS, an interference pan-tilt, communication equipment, power distribution system and supporting cables, etc., and the system has active The defense function, by emitting electromagnetic suppression signals, forms a suppression defense zone in the core area, automatically preventing drones from entering the defense zone, achieving the purpose of active defense.