Google wifi block sites

If you want to block certain websites on your Google Wifi network, you can do so by using the parental controls feature. Here's how to set it up:

Open the Google Wifi app on your mobile device and select the device that you want to set up parental controls for.

Tap on the "Settings" tab and select "Family Wi-Fi."

Turn on "Site blocking" and select the age group that you want to apply the blocking to.

Tap on "Custom" and add the specific websites that you want to block.

Save your changes and exit the app.

Once you have set up site blocking, the websites you have added to the block list will be inaccessible from any device connected to your Google Wifi network. Keep in mind that site blocking applies to all devices on your network, not just the device you set it up on. If you want to remove the block on a specific site, simply go back into the app and remove it from the block list.

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