How to detect wifi jammer

Detecting a WiFi jammer can be a challenging task, but here are a few steps you can follow to detect a potential jammer:

Check for interference: A WiFi jammer disrupts the signal between the router and the device by creating noise in the radio spectrum. If you experience slow or interrupted connections, check if there are any sources of interference that could be causing the problem.

Check for rogue access points: A rogue access point is an unauthorized device that can cause interference on a wireless network. Check for any unknown access points that may be present on the network.

Use a WiFi analyzer: A WiFi analyzer can detect the presence of a jammer by analyzing the strength and quality of the wireless signal. You can use a mobile app or a dedicated device to scan for potential interference.

Check for physical interference: A WiFi jammer can be a physical device that is causing interference. Check for any suspicious devices in the vicinity of the wireless network that may be causing the problem.

Monitor network traffic: Use a network monitoring tool to analyze the network traffic and look for any unusual spikes in traffic. This could be a sign that a jammer is present.

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