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GPS signal jamming devices and other signal limiting devices

Different methods of obfuscating or interrupting GPS signals will also depend on the type of monitoring equipment used. The most straightforward way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure it no longer works. But if the purpose is to tamper with it secretly without knowing the installer, it is easy to prevent or weaken the transmission of the tracking device by using these instruments:

1. Metal shield

This is the cheaper option. Just encapsulate the tracking device with any metal covering (such as brass net or lead camera film protective film). Allegedly, thieves use refrigerated trucks to transport vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices to avoid being tracked.

2. GPS jammer

GPS jammers are mainly sold online. Plug it into the 12v adapter in the vehicle and it can now destroy GPS radio signals within a certain range.

3. Mobile phone signal jammer

This device is a cell phone jammer, which means it can prevent cell phone use. If an active tracking device is used, this jammer will prevent the wireless tracker from sending real-time location updates.

Protective Cell Phone GPS Signal Tracking Interceptor Bag

GPS Interceptor Bag

This kind of cell phone GPS network blocker holster can effectively interfere with cell phone signals, so you will not be interfered by incoming calls.The easiest jammer


High power 16 band GPS Blocker adjuestable phone signal jammer

16-wire High Power Signal Jammer

This 16-wire high power jammer can cut off all 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone signals and interrupt VHF UHF WiFi2.4G 5.8G CDMA450M GPS LOJACK signals can cover 20-80meters.


Glod 4 antennas jammer blocker GSM UMTS WIFI GPS sinal Optional

4 Bands portable Jammer

This is a very Glod 4 antennas portable WIFI 315 433 868mhz GPS jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer.


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