Gps signal location disruptor

Interfering devices are radio frequency transmitters that intentionally block, block or interfere with legitimate communications, such as cell phone calls, text messages, GPS systems, and Wi-Fi networks. Previously, this equipment was manufactured for military purposes. Although GPS signal jammers have been manufactured (especially governments, military organizations and spies or small privacy companies), most civilians do not have the technical capabilities to create their own homemade devices. This is much more difficult than blocking radio signals with basic radio interference. Most GPS signal jammers are used for military purposes, for example, to place the enemy in their exact location or where the enemy’s GPS missiles or bombs fell. However, there are some civilian applications that interfere with GPS signals, including the ability to hide yourself or a person’s vehicle while the GPS receiver tracks it. "GPS is so embedded in transportation, manufacturing, and our society's economy, the risk is high," said David Last, an emeritus professor at Bangor University in the United Kingdom, a well-known authority on the criminal use of GPS jammers. "This is especially true in terms of telecommunications: GPS is the best source of timing for most of our telephone systems, the Internet, and American mobile phones." Michael Khalkovoi, CEO of the high-power jammer store, told that GPS shielding The device can be easily stored in a car or bag, which can help avoid spy detection-for example, from a spouse who is suspected of infidelity and equipped with a GPS tracking device is like the Zoombak in a car. "The GPS jammer will help you protect your privacy," Kharkovoy said. "The Perfectjammer GPS jammer model GJ6 is used to block all possible tracking systems and all civilian GPS systems, including GPS L1, GPS L2 and GPS L5. To run the GPS jammer, you only need to turn on the switch on the top of the jammer." "It depends on the capacity of the jamming device.

Portable black 4-wire WIFI GPS GSM jammer cover 20 meters

4-wire GSM jammer

Using this 4-band jammer, you can effectively jam the signal from the mobile phone 2G 3G GPS WiFi. Very easy to carry and hide. It can work continuously for 1 to 3 hours.


High power 16 band GPS Blocker adjuestable phone signal jammer

16-wire High Power Signal Jammer

This 16-wire high power jammer can cut off all 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone signals and interrupt VHF UHF WiFi2.4G 5.8G CDMA450M GPS LOJACK signals can cover 20-80meters.


Glod 4 antennas jammer blocker GSM UMTS WIFI GPS sinal Optional

4 Bands portable Jammer

This is a very Glod 4 antennas portable WIFI 315 433 868mhz GPS jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer.


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