Short range gps scrambler

Because the car GPS tracker does not need real-time positioning, as long as it is sent intermittently, the stability of the SMS is higher and the coverage is wider.

There are many ways to issue instructions to the GPS locator on the car: SMS, computer client, mobile phone applet, etc. Different companies have two to three methods. It is not the original host who only uses SMS as a control command. The platform sends usable traffic. What you want to ask is the device's SMS remote launch. The device is online for the first time. Generally, the SMS remote launch is used. This also has a small program. Edit the corresponding content through the small program and send it to the sim card number on the device to go online.

The GPS signal jamming system is designed to suppress the signal of the global satellite navigation GPS system in the range of 1500-1600MHz. The jammer makes it impossible for GPS satellites to monitor the location of cars and all vehicles through GPS, and the gps jammer device will not interfere with mobile phones and other devices. Gps jammers can range from 5 to 15 meters, which is sufficient for cars and trucks, cars and buses, because the tracker is usually installed in the cab inside the car. After starting the connection through the car cigarette lighter, the device immediately starts to work and generates radio noise (interference) in the range of 1500-1600 MHz (L1/L2) within a 15-meter radius.

Portable black 4-wire WIFI GPS GSM jammer cover 20 meters

4-wire GSM jammer

Using this 4-band jammer, you can effectively jam the signal from the mobile phone 2G 3G GPS WiFi. Very easy to carry and hide. It can work continuously for 1 to 3 hours.


3 band portable GSM UMTS 3G GPS cell phone blocker for cheap sale

 GPS GSM 3G Jammers

This is a small multi-functional mobile phone blocker with GPS/GSM/3G signal blocking function. Small size, easy to transmit GPS signals. Especially easy to carry.


Glod 4 antennas jammer blocker GSM UMTS WIFI GPS sinal Optional

4 Bands portable Jammer

This is a very Glod 4 antennas portable WIFI 315 433 868mhz GPS jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer.


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