Can a signal jammer be used to block a bluetooth mouse?

Hello everyone! I'm wondering if it's possible to use a bluetooth jammer to block a wireless mouse. All my offices use these, and when all mice are disabled, I'm happy to see their faces. is it possible? How dangerous is it? I mean, should I interrupt something really important? Thanks in advance!


First, we can tell you that all of these wireless mice are perfectly capable of using short-range Bluetooth connections to transfer data, and may be blocked. It should be small and portable whenever you need to bring your distracting device to the office. That's why this small bluetooth jammer is the best fit. It can be used without anyone noticing and is battery powered. The device works within a 5 meter radius.
However, we at dojammer tell you that Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz, like Wi-Fi. So if you try to block bluetooth, it will also break the wireless network. The same goes for all types of webcams, Bluetooth speakers, and other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based devices. So be careful! However, as long as the Wi-Fi network is very weak, it is unlikely to be used in the office.
So your prank idea might work, you can try it, but it's entirely your responsibility and you'll face angry colleagues. And, at some point, the device will protect your smartphone from blues theft, which is very popular among wireless hackers right now. You may find that this jammer can do more than just prank and fun.
Thank you for your question, I hope it helps you.