Does the jammer block one frequency or multiple bands at the same time?

Hello everyone! I don't know much about jammers, so I'm wondering how they work - do they block just one band or a little at the same time?


When the electronic jamming equipment industry was just beginning to develop, signal jammers were used to block individual frequency bands. Later, as these useful jamming devices developed, more and more frequency bands were added to the list, and new types of jammers were developed and manufactured. They have very few antennas, so they block very few signals at a time.
The most popular combinations of blocking frequency ranges are combinations of frequency bands, such as GSM frequencies such as GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900 that are no longer blocked individually, but are blocked together by signal jammers. However, more and more frequencies are being added to the jammer list and new types of jammers have been created such as WiFi/Bluetooth/3G/GSM jammers, 4G/LoJack/XM radio jammers and even multi-frequency desktop jammers. this purchase.
As you can see, modern technology is not standing still, it is constantly improving, giving us awesome new features.