How to make our car's GPS signal disappear?

Our car is equipped with a GPS. I'm afraid someone is using it to follow me. What can I do to delete it or avoid following it?


GPS systems used for car assembly can be disassembled, and many stores now offer such disassembly services online. You should look for stores that have dismantled the real technology, otherwise some people may use something you don't know, and they may not disassemble it and install a new GPS system in your car, which is very dangerous for you. Avoid GPS tracking signals. The GPS Jammer is your essential equipment. Disassembling the car GPS system requires professional technicians to disassemble it, because we can't know exactly where it is and whether disassembling will affect the safety of our car. However, I suggest not to delete it. If we are afraid of being tracked by the car's GPS, we can use the corresponding blocking tool.