Anti-positioning gps signal blocker car jammer

Choosing the right GPS jammer by determining your usage parameters. Vehicle tracking system protection, the small vehicle adapter blocker is best. Our models offer both cellular with GPS blocker. In this GPS jammers catalogue, you will find that different types of GPS jammers are on sale. Such as portable jammer, high performance GPS blocker, GPS signal jammer with car charger, etc.

You need to be clear which frequency bands of GPS signal you need to be blocked and then you can choose the right one. Are there handheld, mini, desktop or high power jammers sold here, or ones that are designed just for the car.

GSM 3G WIFI GPS Bluetooth frequencise 5 antenna video signal jammer

5 Bands Handheld Jammer

It can be used on all types of Android phones, tablets, smart phones, iPhones, Win phones, etc. The popular GSM, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless signals in 2016 and later.


Glod 4 antennas jammer blocker GSM UMTS WIFI GPS sinal Optional

4 Bands portable Jammer

This is a very Glod 4 antennas portable WIFI 315 433 868mhz GPS jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer.


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