How does the surveillance jammer prevent illegal parking and capture?

Dojammer 2022-05-20

There are more and more vehicles, and parking spaces have always been a problem that people can talk about in their daily lives. In order to prevent vehicles from being parked indiscriminately, many traffic control departments have taken certain countermeasures. During the side inspection, if a vehicle is found to be illegally parked, the license plate will be checked, and then the illegal parking record will be delivered to the owner in the form of a document. The second is to install monitoring and surveillance on the top of the road. If the parking time exceeds the temporary parking time limit, illegal photos will be taken, and finally an image certificate will be formed, which will be submitted to the relevant department for punishment certificate. The second method is now more common. However, in order to give priority to education and the principle of secondary punishment, there are second-class and third-class parking spaces in many regions, which are paid for some temporary parking owners, but the fee will be slightly higher.

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Many car owners who do not have a parking space are confused about this long-term charging method of parking. If it is a temporary stop, it is acceptable, but the accumulated amount is indeed a bit too high for long-term charging, so think about whether it can be avoided if traffic monitoring jammers are used. expenses of this kind. We've been thinking about this for a long time, too, but first of all, we have to think about how this kind of spherical periodic film surveillance works, so that there can be no mistakes. This kind of road video surveillance system first starts to take a picture when the vehicle is parked, and then if it is taken as a vacant space again during the free time period, or the license plate number does not match the previous shooting, it will start to automatically recognize and confirm that it is temporary. Parking, no fee will be charged. If the number is the same as the previous number, the billing calculation will start, and the shooting will be taken every hour, and the overall parking fee will be calculated according to the hour. Finally, it will be accumulated. The user needs to pay regularly through the WeChat platform. A late fee will be charged. If we use a monitoring shield to interfere with it, we must first calculate the time of the first shooting, let the previous shooting be displayed in the camera memory content, and then turn on the instrument interference system. The video during this time period is blank Yes, after the vehicle drives out of the interference range, the camera system will not continue to lose packets, and then the number recognition of the second vehicle will appear, so no billing will be generated during this time period.

But here we still have to make a solemn statement that this method is not suitable for long-term parking operations, because there is usually no 24-hour parking without vehicles in a Class II or Class III parking space. The good jammer system is connected to the battery, which can continuously supply power for a long time, so as to avoid the failure of the instrument in the case of power failure.

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