Precautions when using car GPS signal jammer to prevent tracking and positioning

Dojammer 2022-06-01

Some customers are worried about being tracked and positioned out of personal privacy or confidentiality needs, so they purchased a car GPS signal jammer and installed it on the car they use for travel. But when using these car GPS signal blockers, can you really ensure that the GPS signal is effectively blocked? Can it really effectively prevent tracking and positioning?

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In fact, the most common car GPS signal blocker that can be seen on the market is relatively small in appearance. It is directly plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car, and the GPS signal will be blocked. This GPS signal jammer looks simple and convenient, but it can't really effectively prevent tracking and positioning. There are several caveats when using this GPS jammer:

1. It is necessary to ensure that the socket connection of the cigarette lighter is reliable. Because the GPS signal jammer obtains power through the socket of the cigarette lighter, if the connection of the socket is loose and the power supply is interrupted, the work of the GPS signal jammer will be interrupted, and it is easy to expose the positioning information again;

2. It is necessary to keep the vehicle started or not to turn off the engine halfway. In the process of turning on the GPS signal jammer, even when the vehicle is temporarily parked or resting, do not rashly turn off the car or turn off the power supply of the cigarette lighter, because this will cause the vehicle's positioning information to leak out quickly;

3. This GPS signal jammer can only be effective for GPS locators. If the locator installed in the car not only uses GPS positioning chips, but also uses mobile phone SIM cards or other positioning chips, then only Such a small GPS signal jammer cannot effectively prevent tracking and positioning. Although the GPS positioning information is blocked, the positioning information of the car will still be transmitted to the outside world in the form of mobile phone data through the SIM card of the mobile phone;

4. The transmission power of this GPS signal jammer is generally small, and the coverage of its GPS shielding signal is limited. When the GPS locator is concealed and installed in the car box, the shielding effect is still relatively obvious. However, if the GPS locator is When installed in the outer area of ​​the vehicle, especially the rear of the vehicle and the bottom area of ​​the middle and rear of the vehicle, the shielding effect of the GPS signal blocker may still be incomplete.

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